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  • bbpress with plugins such as this is really coming along – great stuff.

    Now if only there was a forum subscribe version, which would send out an email indicating there is a new post on a forum you’ve subscribed too (and better still, could be set to send out only one email or one for each new forum post). Of course probably asking for too much at this stage of development :-)

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    Ahh, on the trac roadmap, it indicates email notification will be now implemented in 1.0?


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    foodude: Yes, agreed the ‘spam factor’ can be an issue for large lists. Though in principle, this isn’t a reason for a plugin not to be developed, esp. for smaller communities who rely on email. Email notification needs to be wisely used as you indicate.

    thomasw98: as an intermim measure, I was thinking about feedblitz (despite its yukky images with the free version). Though I expect it will generate a list of messages, so not differentiating or sectioning new posts and comments to earlier posts in the digest email sent out?

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    Not having email notifications is the only reason that stalls me from using bbpress with WP.

    While a lot of effort has gone into RSS integration, as others have said, it’s not straightforward for many ordinary users. Email is still dominant.

    I hope email notifications will be developed, or least a plugin please :-)


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)