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  • Any chance that someone will write an email subscription plug-in fairly soon? Forums without notifications are not hugely useful IMO.

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  • If I remember correctly BBpress has an email notification system built in.

    bbPress does not have email notification. It sends email for a couple administrative things, but not when new content in posted. It does, however, produce RSS feeds all over the place.

    That said, an email notification plugin would be a welcome.

    It looks like the RSS feed for each topic is the only way people can be notified. Which is a nice idea, but might be inconvenient for keeping up with dozens of threads.

    As for RSS feeds and keeping track of lots of stuff, check out your “favorites” in your profile. You can add to them by clicking “Add this topic to your favorites” on thepage of the topic you want to add.

    I think this it’s becoming a FAQ question, look like people doesn’t understand the correct use for Favorites, maybe adding a note to the FAQ page would help.

    Sorry folks, but many, if not most people out there don’t understand RSS, whereas they *do* understand email. A subscribe via email feature is a vital part of any forum really and should be top of any list.

    John Carman


    jaggs is right–I created a forum for a community non-profit, many of the members of which barely use e-mail. Asking them to subscribe to an RSS feed is out of the question.

    Not having email notifications is the only reason that stalls me from using bbpress with WP.

    While a lot of effort has gone into RSS integration, as others have said, it’s not straightforward for many ordinary users. Email is still dominant.

    I hope email notifications will be developed, or least a plugin please :-)


    One thing to be careful about with email notifications, is being seen as a spammer. Since I’ve got over 500 people on my list, some big providers have blocked me, even though I have a strict opt-in policy on my site. Now I have a huge list, and most people can’t get their emails. Using other smtp providers only works a few times before you get blocked again. People need to be educated on the benefits of Rss.



    I agree that email notification is really needed.

    In the meantime, I have added a Feedblitz signup box to my front page. The user enters their email address, so it is more user friendly, i.e. the concept of signing up with your email address is already familiar to most. Also, once they go through setup at the Feedblitz site, Feedblitz sends them emails when anything on my forum is updated.

    Granted, that’s not the same thing as email notification, but at least it is close.

    foodude: Yes, agreed the ‘spam factor’ can be an issue for large lists. Though in principle, this isn’t a reason for a plugin not to be developed, esp. for smaller communities who rely on email. Email notification needs to be wisely used as you indicate.

    thomasw98: as an intermim measure, I was thinking about feedblitz (despite its yukky images with the free version). Though I expect it will generate a list of messages, so not differentiating or sectioning new posts and comments to earlier posts in the digest email sent out?

    Ahh, on the trac roadmap, it indicates email notification will be now implemented in 1.0?

    Hurrah, let’s hope it doesn’t slip in dev again, and comes out with 1.0 (whenever that is).



Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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