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    Can you create an account for me? I can’t view the submit form & buttom without logged in.

    “Your active theme does not include bbPress template files. Your forums are using the default styling included with bbPress.”

    This is not an error. It only state that the bbPress is using the style that comes with bbPress, which is located in the bbp-twentyten.

    “Broken Themes

    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

    Name Description

    bbPress (Twenty Ten) The parent theme is missing. Please install the “twentyten” parent theme.”

    The “bbp-twentyten” comes with the bbpress is not designed to be use as a theme. It’s just used to style the bbPress forum, not your entire website.

    Do you mean you want the bbPress to appear in the mainpage ( but not sub pages? (

    I don’t think you need to give me the admin login info. It’s just a few step:

    Create a page with the following shortcode:


    Navigate to Setting > Reading in your dashboard. In the “Front page displays” option, select the page you created as front page. Now the forum should show up in the mainpage.

    That’s it!

    Did you change the forums base? (By default it’s “forums”)

    Can you show me your website’s URL?

    Do you mean the header with the words: “OVC BALL-NEWS AND ANALYSIS”?

    None of the bbPress file pull the header from your site. They’re just using the templates in your theme, so it’s more correct to say that your theme template (header.php) is pulling the header. So there’s no easy solution for this unless you know how to modify & add the theme template files to output a function that showing different header when bbPress is present.

    You may refer:


    Sound confusing. I never see this problem before……

    Are you able to access the missing forum directly? (By typing

    bbPress 2.1 do have a “Group Forums” feature, where you can create a forums that’s specific to that groups that will show up in the bbPress list but not the Group Forums list that comes with BuddyPress . But keep it mind that it’s still under development.

    Actually, the Group Forums comes with BuddyPress is also using the bbpress, just with some differences.

    What theme are you using?

    By default, navigate to Appearance > Menu in your dashboard. Create a custom menu by entering any name you desired.

    In the “Custom Link” section, insert the site wide forums URL, give it a name and add it to the menu. You might also want to add something else in your menu besides the Site Wide Forums.

    Save the menu, and in the “Theme Locations” section (if you theme support it, although most theme should have this feature), select where you want the menu to show up. Save it, and you’re done.

    If you theme do not support a custom menu, then you’ll need to manually add the wp_nav_menu function in your theme template, or putting it as a widget.

    And make sure to make a backup for those files, in case you accidentally remove some important lines.

    You can find it in /bbpress/bbp-includes/bbp-forum-template.php (I’m using bbPress 2.02)

    Remove the following lines:

    // Forum


    $retstr = sprintf( __( ‘This forum contains %1$s and %2$s, and was last updated by %3$s %4$s ago.’, ‘bbpress’ ), $topic_count, $reply_count, $last_updated_by, $time_since );

    and these lines:

    // Forum


    $retstr = sprintf( __( ‘This forum contains %1$s and %2$s.’, ‘bbpress’ ), $topic_count, $reply_count );

    and also these lines:

    ‘before’ => ‘<div class=”bbp-template-notice info”><p class=”bbp-forum-description”>’,

    You’ll need to remove those lines in bbpress.css (Assume I’m using bbp-twentyten, so the location is /bbpress/bbp-themes/bbp-twentyten/css/bbpress.css): {

    border: #cee1ef 1px solid;

    background-color: #f0f8ff;


    This should remove the “this forum contains … topics… replies … ” while you still can see the “this topic contains … voices … replies… ” in each topic (Do you want to remove that too?)

    Keep in mind that this is not a recommended way of changing the bbPress, as you’ll lose the setting when you perform an update (so you have to keep changing after each update), although there’s nobody to make such plugin to do that.

    Unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this. You’ll need to create a custom template for bbPress. If you have some experience doing PHP then this shouldn’t be a problem.

    You can refer this topic:

    Sorry for my misunderstanding. I do some research on this page and found these lines :

    <form id=”tag-form” method=”post” action=”; class=”add:tags-list:”>


    <input name=”tag” type=”text” id=”tag” />

    <input type=”hidden” name=”id” value=”41539″ />

    <input type=”hidden” name=”page” value=”1″ />

    <input type=”hidden” id=”_wpnonce” name=”_wpnonce” value=”52b8e94f11″ /><input type=”hidden” name=”_wp_http_referer” value=”/forums/topic/tags-widget-function-for-bbpress-20″ /> <input type=”submit” name=”submit” id=”tagformsub” value=”Add Tag” />



    The problem is, is using version 1.1 and the 2.1 don’t come with a tag-add.php. However I do find it in the buddypress bp-forums folder (which is a group forum and do different thing)

    The value=”41539″, value=”52b8e94f11″, and value=”/forums/topic/tags-widget-function-for-bbpress-20″ seems to vary between post. But until now I still working on the actual value.

    Well it’s not really that hard to increase the memory limit.(as long as your host support it.) Open your php.ini and find the line “memory_limit =” and set it to 64M. And don’t forget to add the line “define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);” without the quote to your wp-config.php. You can also set it to 128M if you want.

    In reply to: Tags are not working

    You will not see the tag in the tag widget if the none of the topic contain the tag you created, even if you create it at the back end.

    What widget are you using? Do you mean the [bbp-topic-tags]?

    And how do you create the tags in the front end?

    I’m using bbPress 2.1 too but the tag function doesn’t seem to be missing, and I able to add tag without going to the backend. What are you missing?

    Is it possible to insert a search form in the forum header? I have tried to create it my theme’s searchform.php with these code :

    <form id=”search” name=”searchform” method=”get”>

    <input type=”search” id=”ts” name=”ts” title=”Search Topics” placeholder=”Search Topics” />

    <button type=”submit” value=”search” id=”searchsubmit”>Search</button>


    <form id=”search” name=”searchform” method=”get”>

    <input type=”search” id=”rs” name=”rs” title=”Search Replies” placeholder=”Replies” />

    <button type=”submit” value=”search” id=”searchsubmit”>Search</button>


    The first one search for topics when in a specific forum (e.g.

    The second one search for replies when in a specific topic (e.g.

    The problem is, I just want the first one to appear in “/forums/forum/test” and the second one in “/forums/topic/this-is-a-test”. Where should I insert those codes?

    Or do anyone here have a better idea to make a search form? I tried to make a bbpress search-by-categories page but I’m kinda stuck.

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