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    Created a forum using the bbpress along with WP integration.

    I’m very surprised of how much of the HTML-markup is part of the bbpress-core and not just kept in the theme code. It is impossible to create a XHTML compatible forum without modifying the core-files. But I guess quirks mode works okay.

    *EDIT* Guess I should have created my own thread, but too late now :)

    Ok one is seen as Administrator until browing to the WordPress site, where the bbpress-inegration-plugin is activated and the rights are changed to the default role.

    Still weird that no usermeta means Admin-role in WP.

    Found out that bbpress-intergration-plugin in WordPress correctly updates user-metadata when going through WordPress-login. But when using the bbpress-login, then it just creates a cookie and when browsing to the WordPress site, then one has Admin-priviledges because user-metadata is non-existing (quite odd actually).

    I’m using bbPress 0.82 and every time I create a user then it gets the role WP role as Administrator (Eventhough the default role is subscriber). I’m not using any plugins in WP to handle role-management.

    Guess I will have to redirect user-registration in bbPress to WP, to avoid this issue.

    Remember that the include of wp-blog-header.php should happen in the beginning of the config.php file.

    This is probably a nasty hack, and I hope a better solution comes around soon:

    if (file_exists(‘../wp-blog-header.php’))



    if (file_exists(‘../../wp-blog-header.php’))


    Fixed my wp-blog-header when in the root and when in bb-admin.

    *Edit* Weird cannot seem to get the markup tags to work, why not use standard html tags like in wordpress instead of backticks (‘, ยด, `) too much confusion and none of them works.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)