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    Thanks, _ck_ – that’s what I figured (but without being able to express it in tech terms!).

    Cheers, and thanks for your help, as always.



    Thanks, Chris and _ck_.

    Righto – thanks, Chris. So, probably best to change both to the same number.


    May I seek some clarification re your post above, please?

    With that line in the register.php template, to reduce the max letter limit lower than 30, would I change both references to “30”? That is:

    size=”30″ AND maxlength=”30″?

    Or just maxlength=”30″.



    Good one – thanks, Chris.

    Yeah – good point. They’re now talking about having a section of the forum password-protected. Think I’ll just tell them it can’t be done. Thing is, I have seen password-protected sections on vBulletin forums. Maybe an idea for a future bbPress plug-in?

    erkk – sounds complicated! Thanks for your response, anyway, Chris. Always appreciative.


    Actually, my post was misleading. Their user name is quite short – their email address is a pretty long one, and it is this that is poking out into the post area.

    Thanks a lot for your info and advice on widening the site and areas within it.

    I was wondering if your advice on my other post would be applicable here, also. That is: “You can also add overflow: hidden; to the .threadauthor section of your CSS. ”

    Would that simply hide any part of a long email address or user name that encroached on the post text area?

    OK! That sounds like a good solution – thanks Chris.

    Thanks, _ck_. Appreciate your prompt response.

    Thanks so much – AGAIN – Chris!

    I ended up combining some of your previous advice with that you’ve posted above, messed with the CSS to re-position the cramped header items, and am now pretty happy with the look.


    User: tester

    PW: testing123

    Just one little curiousity – and if it’s any sort of hassle, don’t respond, but if you can be bothered, I’d be interested in your take on the following:

    When using IE as the browser, the nav link back to the ASHB home page doesn’t activate until your cursor is close to the top header border – usually, hyperlinks activate as soon as your cursor touches any part of the text. Anything that can be done about this?

    NB: No such issue with Firefox!

    Thanks, guys.


    FF3 is correct.

    _ck_ ,

    Yes, the sub-menu idea might well be a more elegant solution. I don’t mind some work, but I don’t know how to go about it.

    I’ll try your absolute positioning suggestion, but I don’t think I’ll like the look of the home nav button hard top left

    Just an addendum that might prove useful to others.

    I changed the index page to http, which I thought was all that had to be done. However, after doing so, I was getting a mixture of https and http pages – the home page of the forum was http, but any page inside (eg: forum headings and posts) were coming up with the https prefix.

    There was a simple solution: change the URL in the General Settings section of the Admin area! I guess it was assumed I’d done this (never underrate the capacity of a tech uninitiate to not do the right thing!).

    The forum uses only HTTP now, and there’s a bonus that comes with this (which is why I thought it worth writing this post) – the pages load MUCH FASTER!

    Thanks, guys. Have done as recommended and changed to http://

    This is weird though: Chris’s link to the https:// site, which I’ve now replaced with an http:// one, still opens! How could this be, that it’s still floating around out there when I’ve replaced it?

    I’ve cleared my cache in case the link was bringing up the cached site, but the link still works. What am I not getting here?

    Chris – need some clarification PLEASE.

    I’ve changed the HTML tags, put them in a div and given it a CSS class, exactly as you suggested. I’m stuck at your point 3. I’ll enumerate for ease of reply.

    1. Should I still be in the header.php file when making the CSS code you have suggested? Or should all CSS code be in the style.css file?

    2. I don’t understand what you mean by “add it right around the lines for the #header, since you’re still in the #header div”. Specifically:

    a) Where are the #header lines you refer to, and

    b) When you say “add it right around the lines for the #header”, I’m not sure what you mean by “right around”, exactly. Do you mean immediately under #header?

    I didn’t anticipate these questions. I am very ignorant technically. Thanks for your patience.

    OK – ta, Chris.

    Oh yeah, I do already use Google’s reader – but you can’t actually subscribe to a site from within that, can you? And I have tried Firefox – I use it spasmodically. It’s illogical and even stupid of me, but I am so used to IE I find myself opening it up by default, as it were. No question, it is inferior to Firefox.

    Thanks, Chris. I know Firefox is a better browser, and the only reason I am using IE is out of habit. Currently running IE 6, and I suppose newer versions are equipped for RSS feeds. Anyway, you’ve cleared up the mystery of the RSS coded page for me! Weird thing, is, IE does show RSS feeds as they should appear on various blogs I’ve subscribed to. Why it should be different for the WP and bbPress forums…aaarrghh, not even going to think about it!

    This is very dumb of me, but I can’t find anywhere under the bonnet to register New Posts RSS feed with Feedburner (it’s a while since I set up my WordPress blog, but I seem to recall in WordPress, there is a place to do this).

    I guess I go to Feedburner to register, then? Once I’ve done this, does this mean that every post will be notified to anyone who signs up for the feed?

    Only just checked back on this thread, Chris – thanks a lot for your advice.

    My current button could certainly be better positioned, and aesthectically enhanced, so I’m looking forward to trying out your suggestions. I have no idea about coding, but I have messed around changing colours etc in CSS that others have already written, so the info you have provided above is ideal for my purposes.

    Thanks again.


    Chris? Anyone? Pleeeease?

    Sure, Chris – and thanks. The forum link is:

    I’ve got it password protected at the moment, before it goes “public”.

    User: tester

    Password: testing123

    The main site I want to link to the home page of from the forum is password protected with the same user name and password, and the link is:

    Appreciate your help!



    Could someone please post an example line of code that could be added to the appropriate php page to add a navigation button to the header, or just under the header, of a bbPress forum?

    I have added a bbPress forum to a website, and just need a nav button on the bbPress forum that can take a user stright back to the home page of the website. I have no idea about php, though, so would be great if someone could add an example link showing the part I should customise in bold, or something like that.

    Also, could someon please explain how I position the nav button on bbPress so that it is left-aligned to the header, or just below the header?

    Apologies for this demonstration of coding ignorance!



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