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User email address encroaching on post content

  • When my forum is viewed in Firefox, the long email addresses of users who post are encroaching on their post content. Not a big issue, but a bit untidy and annoying. See:

    (user name: tester / password: testing123)

    Which CSS in which file would I modify to make the page width of the forum a bit wider and increase the distance between poster email details and their adjacent post content, please?

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  • chrishajer


    So they’re using their email address as their username? That seems like a bad idea from a spam perspective (i.e. posting it means they might get more spam.)

    Making things wider is going to be done in the style.css file. You would find the div that you want to make wider, then just increase the width. You would have to make the wrapper div wider to enable everything inside it to be wider. Once that wrapper is wider, just make the divs inside wider, or put more padding or margin in there to space things apart.

    It’s all in the style.css of your theme though.


    Actually, my post was misleading. Their user name is quite short – their email address is a pretty long one, and it is this that is poking out into the post area.

    Thanks a lot for your info and advice on widening the site and areas within it.

    I was wondering if your advice on my other post would be applicable here, also. That is: “You can also add overflow: hidden; to the .threadauthor section of your CSS. ”

    Would that simply hide any part of a long email address or user name that encroached on the post text area?



    Yes, that would hide it. That is saying “if anything doesn’t fit into this div, hide the overflow.” So, that would work as well.

    Good one – thanks, Chris.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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