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  • I figured it out. Thanks anyhow.

    <php if ( $user_id == 1 ) : // User number one ?>

    Anyone willing to lend me a hand here? Have I been clear enough? Should I describe a little bit further what I want to accomplish?

    I am on the same boat here. Actually I didn’t upgrade to 0.8.3 because of Forum Restriction breaking. I already have some sections of the forum pupulated, which need to be hidden from the general user, so upgrading is just not plausible for me right now. I am using it in conjunction with Private Forums plugin (which feels much better to me). If that plugin could be integrated with Roles it would be the best solution by far.

    I am at a dead end for now. I can’t upgrade WordPress to 2.3 because bbPress breaks, and I can’t upgrade bbPress because I would be opening some important forums to everyone.

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    I have wordpress and bbpress integrated (in terms of users and logins) but they do not share all the functions. BBPress is translated and working fine, however, I don’t have the wordpress code translated, just a po for the theme.

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    Thanks for the words, both of you.

    @ w3creativa:

    Actually, the translation I am using is from a bbpress related site. I can’t remember which one though. I’ll try and upload the files if you want them.

    @ benbeltran:

    Dodecá is indeed from Uruguay. ;)

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    Hey, thanks for the feedback. The fact that I almost have just a css file on “my-templates” is also a big compliment to the work done on bbPress and its markup.

    fel: Thanks! Glad you like it. I agree with you on the colours. Actually, I began with only black, green and white, but somehow I just felt there where too many “greens” around (damaging the overall mood), so I grew tired of it and dropped some blue into the mix. But you certainly have a point on link-colour coherence. I’ll be looking on that. Thanks for the thumbs-up!

    ganzua: Absolutely. The translation of “tags” is almost meaningless in Spanish. I often go for “categorías” instead of “tags”, and put “secciones” instead of “categories”. But for this forum I just put the translation files and didn’t touch anything…

    And I have to thank back to the bbPress team for the simplicity of their work. It is a pleasure to “design” on it.

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    A Cultural Center related to cinema.

    ps: it is in Spanish…

    Well, this is what I’ve got…

    1. Are the forums in a flat list or a hierarchical structure? Yes, they are. The ones I’ve already dragged to be sub-forums.
    2. Already done
    3. Already done
    4. Already done
    5. Go to some other admin page. Yes.
    6. Go to Content -> Forums again. The forums still appear in a hierarchy. Everything is fine so far.
    7. Go to your site’s front page. Is there hierarchy? Nop. Is the forum you put at the bottom still at the bottom? Yes.

    At this point I thought this had something to do with the css because the xhtml structure (front-page.php) was indeed updated. I checked the css and I found I had forgotten to put the #forumlist tr td div.nest . Done that. Checked… but nothing. I refreshed, cleared cache and nothing.

    I then deactivated the Forum Restriction plugin and voilá. The forums where nested. In the admin section, in the “Forum Parent” dropdown now everything was fine. All the forums listed. It was strange since I have already deactivated the plugin before without results. In the front end it was explained by the missing css, but in the backend I really don’t know.

    Thanks mdawaffe for your time.

    ps: I tried activating the plugin again, and now I see the front page list of forums in hierachy. Weird. However, when I acces the parent forum, there is a table at the bottom with the name Subforums, but it is empty. When the plugin is deactivated the list is NOT empty. So it is apparently that plugin.

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