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    Ahhh haha thank you kindly. that would have made sense, but I’m not too quick when it comes to PHP yet. thank you!

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    Ahhh it looks great! Question!!

    How did you get the first poster section? Since there’s no Codex for this yet and I’m not much of a PHP Guru, I couldn’t figure out what to sue to get the original post authors name to show up on the posts listing :-/.

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    Yup, I was browsing the actual files of the forums and found the statistics page. The category patch is found here in the Trac:

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    I went to the rendered page and it does say the type is supposed to be a checkbox. IE:

    <th scope="row">This user is a bozo:</th>
    <td><input name="is_bozo" id="is_bozo" type=&quot;checkbox&quot; value=&quot;1&quot; />


    However in the actual view of the page it is not a checkbox but a row with a “1” that I cannot get rid of in the place of it.

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    Here’s a screenshot actually of my choices as an admin in my copy:

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    Yeah, I am currently running 0.8.1 and I don’t have a checkbox on user profiles to un-bozo them :-/

    I just installed this like 2 days ago.

    This is awesome! Thanks :D!

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    Also, it is only happening with Akismet on. I removed my Akismet key and it’s now working fine, but I’m afraid that this is going to leave me open to spammers :-/

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    Alright. My exact problem is that once my users sign up, they are marked as Bozo’s. I can’t even uncheck them as bozo’s as there is no option to do so in my bbpress. So to get around this I did as noted above and logged into phpmyadmin and simply dropped the bozo table from each users name.

    Now, the problem lies in that if they update there profile, they are again turned into a bozo.

    Another issue is that they don’t even show up under the bozo panel in the admin interface. But every single thing they post is marked by akismet as spam and I have to approve it again.

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    I didn’t delete the bb_usermeta table. I deleted the subtable with only the bozo information, as simply editing the bozo assignment did not “un-bozo” me. I am the keymaster of the website, yet if I update my profile I get put into the bozo category and I can’t even undo it in the user interface.

    What I’m wondering is, is there a fix for this? Or everytime I and my users update our profilers will I have to go back and unbozo them so there posts aren’t marked as spam.

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    I’m having this same issue. I deleted the table in phpmyadmin, and decided to test it and re-edit my profile. when I edited my profile I was again set as a bozo. anything I can do to stop this?

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