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    Outlet is a magazine site based around the arts and other contemporary things. Our forums are mostly more ‘hang out’ and less utility/support, but its still fun. Custom theme, different type of front page than most, and good utilization of plugins, namely the summon plugin and private messaging.

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  • Very nice! Stupid question….how did you get the header image to expand perfectly to the size of the window that is open. If I change the browser to smaller it still fits perfectly and wider as well…….?


    It’s a simple case of a tiled (but large, so you can’t see it) background Trent. Here’s the CSS to do it.

    #wrapper {
    background:#202020 url(images/page_header_tile.png) repeat-x scroll 0px -25px;

    That’s a really nice forum. I like your bold black/white/pink colour scheme :)

    Thanks guys,

    Yeah Trent that image is 2000 pixels wide. It’s the only way I could get that effect since i had users complaining about the site not looking good on their big widescreen Apple monitors… poor babies!!

    Ahhh it looks great! Question!!

    How did you get the first poster section? Since there’s no Codex for this yet and I’m not much of a PHP Guru, I couldn’t figure out what to sue to get the original post authors name to show up on the posts listing :-/.

    I added a new column to the HTML table and used the <?php topic_author(); ?> tag

    Ahhh haha thank you kindly. that would have made sense, but I’m not too quick when it comes to PHP yet. thank you!

    I just added the TinyMCE editor to my site. Does anybody know a solution to the wierd indentation stuff it does with the <blockquote> tags?

    What weird indentation does it do with the b-quote tags? Check your database if the weird indentation is there also.

    It’s a hard problem to explain – if you go into a thread and quote somebody, it shows up in the MCE as <blockquote> quote </blockquote>

    In the editor, it kind of locks you into blockquote mode – first, the quote is indented, which isnt so much of a problem as it is just a display discrepancy as the quotes aren’t indented in posts..

    however, when you hit return, the next paragraph shows up as a new blockquote and doesnt default back to plain text inside the editor, and you have to hit tinyMCE’s ‘outdent’ button.

    More or less a pain, but one that might get people to stop posting :(

    In MCE it always assumes the next paragraph to be b-quoted too, unless you specify otherwise. I think it’s default behaviour.

    You could probably modify the Quote plugin so that instead of returning <blockquote> quoted stuff </blockquote> it attached a newline character or two. Something like <blockquote> quoted stuff </blockquote>nn might be enough as a modification, I’m not sure. MCE should interpret the two new lines as a new paragraph, hopefully without blockquotage.



    Thats exactly what I ended up doing, just adding a <br/> after the blockquotes and it seemed to work ok – I think people will get used to it.

    Bumping this to say I did some CSS overhauls on it. What do you think? Any nits that you care to point out?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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