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    Uhoh. Is it just the cookie sharing that is broken or should I expect other problems?

    Dang. Your chocolate factory is a dead link.

    Did you ever figure this out? I’d like to change the profile information too. It seems like the avatar plug-in does something similar.

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    I’d like to see bbPress replace commenting in Word Press. Ideally it would just embed as a plugin and look the same as the current commenting but then the comments could be viewed and managed as a forum.

    If bbPress was designed to easily embed as a commenting system it wouldn’t have to just be used in WordPress either. I’m currently trying to implement something along these lines where bbPress functions as the comment system on a website so people can comment on our short films through the forum or directly on the website. Each comic/film/whatever will be tied to a separate topic ID and pull related comments. Hopefully it works because I like the way it looks in my head.

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    I’m using a chopped up version of Kakumei. If you want I can zip up the theme for you.

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    My default avatars don’t seem to be working anymore (just upgraded from .3) I get image html in my posts that looks something like this:

    <img src=”; width=”maasman” height=”” alt=”” />

    Shouldn’t it be displaying some default.png action? Maybe I missed a file, I’ll try reinstalling.

    Also, The missing files in the ZIP took a while to figure out, you might want to add something to the readme about that if they can’t fix the bug soon.

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    My friends and I make short films, draw comics, run a local film club, and have a blog. We wanted it all to have a central forum for discussion so I’ve tied the WordPress blog into the BBpress forum and I’m working on integrating the forum with the film site as well. Any suggestions are welcome!

    Thanks to the BBpress community for all the great plugins and helpful posts!

    I’d also like to see some perma-delete functionality. The phantom posts are a little annoying.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)