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  • In reply to: reCAPTCHA for bbPress

    Works like a charm for me :) Saves me about 5 bot registrations per day :)

    @Nipon: try to log out and then back in again. I bet you it will tell you that the username does not exist!

    I had to take out the WP->BBP integration to get that back working.

    In reply to: Change Post Author?

    What do you mean exactly? You want to take over the owner role of a post?

    So you post as user, but afterwards change the author to another name or what?

    Is there a big change of role with those user accounts maybe?

    Keymaster and admin remain admin, but for users there are several roles possible. Maybe its related to that? Role mapping?

    I know, but I consider that to be a small issue. I have now integration on the user account level (cookies) and I can access the admin panel on both. I can log in on one and I am automatically logged in on both but I just have to log out of both separately to be really logged off.

    Full integration messes up my bbpress completely, so I left that out. I am satisfied (for now) with what I’ve got working. I hope that integration will be working better when we get official releases on both.

    I got it working, I will describe what I did for other users:

    First I deleted the bb_meta table from my DB, and also the bb_config.php file. After this I could re-install bbpress fine, including steps 2 and 3. I followed the steps from but I left out the include part for the wp file. I also did the cookie settings for both wp and bb.

    Now I can use bb and wp just fine. One minor issue, I cannot log out from bb without also logging out from wp.

    No issues so far, just wanted you to know that :) Runs fine on my (live) site!

    It also seems to be working if you initialize the value of ‘topic_id’ as 0 (zero) instead of false. I found no problems with it so far.

    Just a question:

    do you include your wp functions in bbpress? I see calls to wp functions in several bb functions (also in bb_insert_topic and bb_insert_post) and I can imagine that if you dont include wp functions in bbpress, that these statements fail.

    I cannot include wp functions with the

    $bb->WP_BB = true;
    if (file_exists('../wp-blog-header.php'))
    if (file_exists('../../wp-blog-header.php'))

    part because then my forums don’t work. I can’t access my bb-admin pages and bbpress doesn’t recognize my users.

    Same problem here, with an Apache server on Windows. Latest versions of all applications. I will try your solutions and see what happens.

    I also have this problem, but I do have a lead… What I did is the following:

    Install WP 2.7 (latest build)

    Install BBPress 1 Alpha 2 but it skipped steps 2 and 3, went straight to the forum index

    Did all the settings manually like described in

    Go into WP, log in with admin account

    Go to BBPress

    At the top I see “Welcome, admin! | Admin | Log Out”

    So far so good, but when I click on “Admin” to access my admin page, nothing happens. So thats exactly the same as the others, but when I press the “Log Out” and then try to log back in with the admin account, I get a “User does not exist” message. So I guess its not reading my WP tables correctly.

    Note: My database is fully up-to-date, BBPres states that there is nothing to upgrade when I go to /bb-admin/upgrade.php

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)