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reCAPTCHA for bbPress

  • I wrote a plugin to add reCAPTCHA to user registration page. (It’s inspired by _ck_’s Human Test.)

    I’ve submitted request to add it to the plugin repository, however 1) the submission form didn’t have any feedback, so I ended up with two identical requests, 2) I didn’t realize you have to put the whole readme.txt to description field of this form. Could someone fix this, and write at least a few sentences describing the submission process?

    Anyway, you can download it from

    IMPORTANT: You must get an API key from the reCAPTCHA project to use it. See readme.txt.

    Tested under 1.0-alpha1, may not work with previous versions on some PHP deployments.

    See how it works here:

    Comments and code review are welcome!

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  • glenncvance


    This is something I’ve wanted for the forum I admin. I’ll be trying this out. Thanks.



    dchest don’t worry about the double submission, mdawaffe will figure it out when he gets a chance to check the requests (he does it about once a week)

    You don’t have to post the whole readme in there. In fact anything you put there is only seen by mdawaffe and then it gets replaced automatically when you upload a readme.txt file.

    update: well that was fast, he just added you to the svn

    Thanks! Commited and tagged.

    Has anyone had a chance to this with bbPress v 0.9?

    johnhiler: It should work with 0.9. It won’t work with some rare strange (perhaps, Windows-based) PHP configurations with 0.9 and earlier that have empty PHP_SELF variable.

    looks good. im going to check that out



    Just out of curiosity, what happens if is down or gets hit by a ddos attack? Do thousands of sites that rely on them suddenly stop being able to register people?

    I need to upgrade my Human Test so it doesn’t rely on sessions and then it should be even more useful for a completely local solution.

    _ck_, yes, currently the plugin doesn’t handle errors if is down. It’s not difficult to add, though, and I’ll do it later. However, I’m not sure what’s better: just stop registrations for the period of downtime, or allow registrations without captcha (and get spammed)? Maybe even fall back to your math solution?



    Can this reCaptcha plugin be modified to work with the anonymous posting plugin? I have a small forum that I’d like to allow anonymous users to post, but I’d like to use reCaptcha to avoid spam.



    Works like a charm for me :) Saves me about 5 bot registrations per day :)

    I tested it out and it sort of works but when I miss just a few characters in the captcha, I still pass the test. It’s only when the thing I type is way off that it works. That’s probably how reCaptcha has it set up though. I guess it should be fine since bots shouldn’t be able to read images. We’ll see. Thanks for taking the time to code it into a plugin though dchest. It’s just what I’ve been looking for.

    It does clash with bbPM though. I’m not sure what it is that’s doing it, but I can’t use both this and bbPM together.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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