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  • Actually, that’s not the way the code looks. I guess there’s no way to get code to read as code here. I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it I’m using standing HTML a href’s to dish up some links.

    What would be the impact of launching the forum prior to getting the integration working? What would happen to the users/posts if we get the integration to work later?

    Okay, I reverted back to the configs I had before, then added the lines recommended here one by one. Each of the following, when added one at a time, caused me to be unable to logout or enter the admin.

    //$bb->user_bbdb_name = ‘addivanet’;

    //$bb->cookiedomain = ‘’;

    //$bb->cookiepath = ‘/’;

    //$bb->sitecookiepath = ‘/’;

    Both WordPress and BBpress are at least functional now, but no integration.

    We’re on Dreamhost. WordPress 2.5.1 and BBpress

    Anyone see any clues here?

    Okay, I tried using the settings that the setCookieParams seems to be recommending.

    PathcookiePath: /

    Cookie domain: blank

    Cookie hash: 84bdfc54a51c9a8b123e73fe41df39a3

    No change in bbpress/blog behavior. When I use the bookmark to show cookie settings, they are unchanged since yesterday. It doesn’t appear the setCookieParams worked.

    Another question, the 2Diabolos site has two setCookieParams on the page. Is there one that should be used over the other?

    I found more info on the setCookieparam plug in.

    What threw me was that the download given here is in an ‘upload’ subdirectory, but needs to be uploaded to the plugins folder and implement the usual way. It can then be accessed through the ‘settings.’ But, I’m still confused. The instructions here say that it can be used to check the cookie settings, but all I see is the ability to set the cookies. If I am to set them, should I just follow the suggestions given with the plugin?

    I’ve checked and double checked all the steps to coodinating wp-config.php with bb-config.php but no-go. I can only log into bbpress if I’ve already logged into wp, but even then it doesn’t let me into the admin.

    One possible area of confusion, I couldn’t figure out how to get the .zip file that would display cookies to work. How is it supposed to be implemented?

    I got the bookmark cookie check to work, but it gave a number of different sets of numbers.






    Which string is relevant?

    You were right about the templates. I used Dreamhost’s webftp client to move my wordpress site. It tells you to create the folder first. I took that to mean the main folders, and didn’t create all the many subfolders. I’m assuming that had something to do with why our template folder was not quite there. I could see it in webftp, but my ftpclient on my computer wasn’t showing it. Once I’d ftp’d all the files back, the site reappeared.

    Dreamhost is saying that can’t happen, but that’s what I experienced.

    Thanks for the help.

    No, I can access the admin of the blog, and I can access the forum. But the blog pages/posts all comes up as a blank screen.

    Another note, the Internal Server Error yesterday was fixed by correcting the .htaccess file.

    At present it reads:

    # BEGIN WordPress
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
    # END WordPress

    Oh wow, I am able to get into my wordpress admin.

    Yes, wp-config.php is on the root, bb-config.php is off the root in a /bbpress folder.

    Other than opening the wp.config.php to check on secret keys and all that, I haven’t done anything with it.

    Yesterday, I did move the wordpress install to the root. I had worked out all the kinks though, and everything was working well. I did have an Internal Server Error for awhile though, but that was fixed. It was discussed here,

    I looked at the error.log. I’m assuming it notes military time. There were some files not found this morning as I’d expect. Nothing from this afternoon.

    Thanks for the speedy reply. I appreciate it.

    I take it there is no quick fix to get out of this dilemna? I don’t understand why, but now we are also unable to log into our word press blog.

    My plan is to uninstill bbpress, then attempt to install it to the wordpress database. I’m on the road now and won’t have an opportunity to do this till tomorrow. If anybody knows of a quick fix to get our wordpress blog working, it would be great.

    Chris wrote: “Using the same database is how the bbPress directions are written now; I think it’s assumed. “

    I thought the installation instructions were vague on this point. It wasn’t at all apparent to me which way I should go, and how o safely proceed with installing it into the wordpress database. A little editing could be very helpful to others in the future.

    _ck_ said: “I recommend against separate databases unless you have some kind of weird configuration that demands it.”

    Could you, or someone else, please outline any special instructions on how to go about installing bbpress to the same database that wordpress is already living on? Or is it just that simple as designating the wp database in the installation? What can go wrong? I have visions of destroying our wp installation and losing all our posts and pages.

    Also, to uninstall bbpress, do I just delete its folder and database?

    I would suggest adding a paragraph in the installation instructions recommending the single database installation and whatever instructions are necessary on how to properly do this.

    No, it doesn’t exist.

    Have I used the wrong version of bbpress?

    Is there a file I can ftp down and alter so that we can get working again? How do people get around this brick wall?

    wordpress 2.5.1


    I was confused on this issue, reading the installation instructions. It may be helpful to others to add an explanation there on whether it’s preferred to use separate databases and why. Thanks much.

    3. WordPress and bbPress each in their own directory

    |–blog <– WordPress


    |–forums <– bbPress

    (I like this methed best, seems the most “logical”)

    In this scenario, do both wp and bbpress have their own, separate databases?

    BTW, I can’t get the blockquote to work. I’ve tried <> [] and to no avail. What am I missing?

    Thanks. So am I right that to put everything on the same database I should uninstall the bbpress I have currently installed, then re-install, specifying the same database I used for wordpress?

    Or is it unecessary, since I can get cookies to recognize users whether they’ve logged into wordpress or bbpress?


    You only need to share databases to have integrated user logins.


    Thanks for responding, Chris. I’m still confused about this. It sounds like, from the documentation like above, integrating the cookies will accomplish the same thing:

    blockquoteIntegrating cookies allows your users to log in to either your WordPress blog or your bbPress forums and be effectively logged in to both.


    I do want it to be pretty seamless for our users. I want them to only have to register once, and not to have to log in again when they cruise to the forum. On the face of it, it would seem like we need to share one database. BUT, that seems a bit scary, like the kind of scenario where I could wipe out our existing WP installation.

    If that’s the route I should go, how do I go about it? Uninstall the bbpress I just created, then go through the installation again, except this time enter our wp database info?

    I tried doing the integration last week for the two databases I have currently set up, and had to add a line into my wp-config about a secret key. With that, an error message came up instead of the blog, choking on that line. It was a day before I got wind of it, so it didn’t look very good.

    I want to have a clearer understanding this time before I start messing around with these settings.

    BTW, what am I missing with the markup here? It says to put the code between backticks `, but it’s not working.

    Thanks so much for the help. You helped me spot that I had inadvertently uploaded the root’s index.php to the blog index.php folder. I had a feeling it was something simple and dumb.

    Settings > Reading is, and has been all along, set at:

    “Your latest posts”

    the page I am no longer able to display, even though I can find no change in any settings.

    Thanks for replying,

    Thanks so much for the reply.

    What I get at is fine and what I expect. What I get at is the same and, once we get our htaccess file set up, will be what you get when you type in What we can no longer call up is the first page of the blog, the one that displays one or more recent posts, you know, the index for the actual blog section.

    I don’t know of any way to call it up in the control panel to check on what the permalink is supposed to be. What’s the default address for the blog’s main page supposed to be? Isn’t it supposed to be If I type that in I just get the main page of the site. .

    As I said before, it was all working fine until I made an initial attempt to integrate our new bbpress installation with wordperss, didn’t get it to work and tried to backtrack what I’d done to try again another day. I’m trying to figure out what files might have been affected during this process.

    WP doesn’t necessarily have an .htaccess file, does it? I’m not seeing one here, so what other file could be involved?

    The site is The wordpress address is

    The wordpress blog is also set to

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