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  • i’m trying to figure out what part of the code is making the time queries and from where? are they requesting the time from the db server or the webserver? my host is trying to help us figure this out and it seems like there’s one server in the cluster somewhere that is a few minutes out of sync with the rest.

    i’m seeing two symptoms right now. the first is that posts made within a certain window of time display as “-1 years” of freshness. this is inconsequential however, and the posts soon display their proper time.

    the second symptom is when the posts get the wrong time stamps. i just watched a thread get started and the second time stamp was actually OLDER than the first post. i confirmed this by looking at the post_time of each post. which post was stamped incorrectly i don’t know, but it sure seems like it’s happening within a certain window of time when a post is first made, i.e. maybe the first post is getting a post_time that’s somehow a few minutes ahead of what it should be.

    you’d wouldn’t see it unless you were watching the forum all day. the window for catching them is pretty short. i just saw it happen on all posts <8 minutes, then refreshed and it was back to normal.

    nope, it just happens randomly on any post made within <1 minute.

    no, it’s on the same machine.

    our host is, formerly interland, formerly website pros, formerly hostpro.

    i suspect something like a backup routine for the morning outage, but the spikes/outages do appear to occur randomly throughout the day as well. they’re usually quick, but frequent enough to be a regular occurrence. one time we went down for like an hour. i called them and the person on the phone actually saw the problem because they couldn’t log into phpmyadmin either. “oh yes i see this now, no connections available”. they kept me on the phone long enough that the problem went away and then they were like “well it looks like it fixed itself so there’s nothing i can do now”.

    btw; here’s a typical page load when viewing the forums. i’d say this is pretty much on par with how the forum performs most of the time:

    10:16:46 up 71 days, 7:45, 0 users, load average: 3.23, 3.20, 3.12

    total page time: 0.395 seconds.

    time to reach each section:

    bb_underscore_plugins_loaded = 0.237

    bb_plugins_loaded = 0.253

    topic.php = 0.293

    header.php = 0.295

    logged-in.php = 0.302

    post.php = 0.379

    post-form.php = 0.386

    footer.php = 0.391

    total query count: 11

    wow, great info man, thanks.

    i’m no expert when it comes to this stuff. as a matter of fact, i’m a total noob and this forum is my first “adventure” into database land. so i pretty much assume that every problem we have is my fault. i do however suspect that it is our host that SUCKS and i’ve just been trying to build that case (i just want to know it’s their problem before i move the whole forum only to find out otherwise). i’ve been on the phone with them a bunch of times, but they really are useless. they insist that there’s no problem and they won’t escalate the issue to the “server team” unless i can provide them with various logs in lieu of them being able to reproduce the problem.

    generally i am under 1 second on the bb_index.php_pre_db. the forum is a bit sluggish when it runs on the high side of 1 second though.

    thanks for all the effort explaining this stuff, i really appreciate it.

    well, i installed bb-benchmark but i’m not sure how that can help. when my connections spike i can’t access the database so….

    there’s definitely a pattern here though. the spikes usually occur in the early morning at the same time.

    here’s the benchmark info from when the spike was coming down:

    08:01:47 up 71 days, 5:08, 0 users, load average: 1.47, 1.43, 1.39

    total page time: 5.009 seconds.

    time to reach each section:

    bb_underscore_plugins_loaded = 0.170

    bb_plugins_loaded = 0.178

    bb_init = 0.178

    bb_index.php_pre_db = 4.966

    front-page.php = 4.967

    header.php = 4.968

    logged-in.php = 4.971

    footer.php = 5.008

    total query count: 10

    we only have bbpress running on a shared host.

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