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  • I solved my problem by reading this forum post:

    actually it’s not necessary to set the blog and the forum without the “www”

    it worked for me having the blog and the forum specified starting with www.

    I’ve spent hours working on this… the solution was to rename the keys and salt cookies hashes with the BB_ prefix – something that wasn’t too clear thing to do!

    I have to say this, BBPress is awesome for theming (and that’s why I love it) but sucks at many forum features that should be built (or deactivable if someone wants a very light forum) and most importantly sucks at integration with WordPress… which really does not make sense to me since it’s been around for… how long…? 2 years?

    I’ve read about people debating if BBPress should become a stand alone application or a core plugin for WordPress… I’m a wordpress user and here’s my feedback: please, please, please make this a wordpress plugin ASAP; If I just want a lightweight forum there are dozens over there to chose; what I need as a wordpress user is something robust to create a community in my blog and integrate any possible function I already have in bbpress

    I love the work done so far with bbpress and I love the application (otherwise I wouldn’t be here!) and it’s a shame that this project feels so abandoned

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    I have many ehehe

    from most important to least important:

    1) Better BBCode (like PhpBB, VBulletin or any other forum) + Quoting (“user says”)

    2) Better MULTILANGUAGE SUPPORT!!! (this would rock – like qtranslate in WP)

    3) Advertising manager (a port of the popular Advertising Manager plugin in WP would do)

    4) User profile pages (with many customizable profile fields, etc)

    5) User photo galleries

    6) Better moderation tools

    7) Some social networking tool like Facebook connect, OpenID connect, Twitter feeds, etc.

    8) Better Smilies

    9) Better User Avatar System (Bavatars does a neat job though)

    10) Better Integration with WordPress (sometimes sucks)

    11) Customizable Forum icons

    12) User can post Polls / Surveys

    13) Event calendars…

    i’m using WP 2.9.1 and BB 1.0.2 – I’ve done the deep integration, syncing everything… it appears everything working very fine, except for the cookie / login problem…

    oh by the way, the blog/forum is – and the forum – it’s a website about Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, etc – it’s in Italian

    but I think you can get an idea – also look at the top right header, that’s were users are supposed to do the login – login and registration links always point to bb-login / bb-register page s

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    Il Gatto



    bbPress is being used by the Italian Expat Community in Malaysia at

    bbPress in a excellent forum software

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)