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  • I think you can. Check this out:

    Oops! Looks like this editor removed the lines since they’re code but if you search on “wp_editor” within the files, you should find the section.

    I am very green but have the same issue, my theme doesn’t use the fancy editor for forum posts and replies. That said, I found that the form-reply.php and the form-topic.php files in my theme’s bbpress folder affects those pages. I backed them up then deleted them from my theme’s bbpress folder and (I assume) the form-reply.php and form-topic.php files from the default bbpress theme took over and I got back the fancy editor.

    Using the default bbpress theme’s form-reply.php file as the example: open the file and look for the section that starts with the following lines:

    if ( !function_exists( ‘wp_editor’ ) ) : ?>

    (note: I had to put a space between the “< " and the "?" in that first line so that the code would show here, so if you want to search with it, remove that space)

    The section ends with:
    (again, I put a space between the “<" and the "?")

    I restored my theme's files and bumbled my way through adding the lines. On my first go at it I ended up with both the fancy and my theme's editors on the same page! LMFAO!! Haven't played with it anymore as yet so you'll have to see what you can do with it.

    Thanks Aron!

    I could have sworn I tried to pull up those posts using the default BP theme and had the issue but I just tried again and had no issue. (my kid just rolled her eyes at me). Not a good move to lose one’s mind in front of witnesses–especially if they are the pint-sized, know-it-all type! 🙂

    In reply to: 2.1 questions

    I’m running bbpress 2.1 and Buddypress 1.5 and I’m seeing the same issue. On the Buddypress profile, Forums tab I have the following sections: Topics Started, Topics Replied To, Favorites and Subscriptions.

    Nothing is showing under the Topics Replied To section, which should not be empty.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)