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  • WOW scary results here. I have a stable thing with WP 3.3 and bbPress 2.0.2 im down right frightened to uprade either of these. I’m not touching a thing right now and I recommend that to everyone.

    Hey guys,

    Ok here is what the Developer of the plugin hat told me. Does this help? I tried this fix and it doesn’t work but it is a step in the right direction. And would also help me get around. The shortcode permissions issue I believe.


    I’m the developer of the wordpress plugin.

    One thing to note is that the JW Player tag is not actually a shortcode but a filter that is applied to post content. Using a filter was necessary to support the syntax needed to customize the player. However, it has the unfortunate side effect of making stuff like this more challenging. The filter function is called “jwplayer_tag_callback” and is applied to “the_content”.

    So in your case I’m hoping the following would work for you:


    add_filter(‘bbp_reply_content’, ‘jwplayer_tag_callback’);

    add_filter(‘entry_content’, ‘jwplayer_tag_callback’);

    add_filter(‘bbp-reply-content’, ‘jwplayer_tag_callback’);

    add_filter(‘entry-content’, ‘jwplayer_tag_callback’);


    If not, we can work on another solution.


    Are you trying to sell me on the whitelist plugin? I lready tried that about 3 weeks ago. It wouldn’t install because of a fault error. I don’t have time to try and make non working plugins work.

    I have multiple video plugins that work fine on my site already… maybe you should have checked the links……..

    My issue is that EVERY plugin offered for wordpress merely links to offsite content. Requiring my site content to be dependent on data from another website.

    As a web developer this is unacceptable. And is RULE #1 with developing a website.

    Also plugins such as shortcode white list are bandaids to the real issue. I am looking for a solution not a bandaid. Bandaids cause issues down the line.

    Isn’t there a way to open only one shortcode to be allowed or apply the jwplayer div attributes to my reply-content attributes. It is a shortcode issue. But merely because the shortcode calls the div

    what if i called the div for every reply-content table then if a video was playing it would use the player that was called.

    I’m also looking for another solution to use as a user interface and back end for a media sharing site. To completely replace this issue :( any suggestions? Im’m not leaving bbpress i like it a lot just it’s not working out for soundhampton.com I guess…. Can some one advise me on a solution please?

    Thank you Key Master :) Wish I was the damn gate keeper cause then i would understand what’s going on here. lmao!!!!

    Here is my issue at hand and then I guess I will have to decide whether or not to move forward. I am trying to make a media sharing site that is merely a “forum” of my site ( http://www.soundhampton.com/the_knowledge_forum ) to lead traffic back to my business site ( http://www.soundhampton.com ).

    I was going to use bbpress for the forum side but the more I try and implement it the deeper I get into issues that take me months to figure out. Every issue I have been able to handle except this one.

    John I totally under stand why shortcodes are not allowed. It makes complete sense. I read up on the security issue post you wrote about from day one of this media player issue and did not take your advice :P now…. here I am.

    To be honest I kind of always knew that even if I did get the shortcodes to work. I would have to make changes in the future to secure my forums from shortcodes.

    so, moving forward :)

    Can you guys suggest a proper media sharing community plugin / addition to wordpress I can even point the URL to a different folder. Now Im just rambling.

    I have no clue how to build a plugin :P

    wordpress 3.3.1

    with sliding door theme

    bbpress 2.0.2 as plugin

    default theme

    I installed this( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXmkWPdsIqQ )plugin but have no clue how to use it. I thought it might help but then realized that I don’t know what taxonomies would be called into the topic tag to make stuff work.

    *smoke exits ears*

    nope nothing man. I have longtail looking at this issue too, but something tells me they are going to blame bbpress which is crap but we know the way plugin developers are.(no offense to you at all Jared)

    longtail was like have you tried disabling bbpress yet ?

    *palm to face and shakes head*

    I don’t think they get it….

    such a weird issue, is there a way to just load the plugin in bbpress and make the plugin think it is wordpress?

    forgot to add this, even with all those changes it doesn’t work…. :)

    but still a little :/ lol

    k, I switched to twentyeleven theme and disabled all my plugins except bbpress and jwplayer for wordpress. I verified the div of the bbpress content box with firefox inspect element and put extra code in my functions.php to compensate for missed div tag code in the functions.php. here is what i put on top on functions.php as an injected php script within functions.php


    add_action( ‘bbp_reply_content’, ‘do_shortcode’);

    add_action( ‘entry_content’, ‘do_shortcode’);

    add_action( ‘bbp-reply-content’, ‘do_shortcode’);

    add_action( ‘entry-content’, ‘do_shortcode’);




    * slidingdoor functions and definitions

    blah blah blah php blah blah blah

    then also a double attack at the end of fuctions.php is here



    add_action( ‘bbp_reply_content’, ‘do_shortcode’);

    add_action( ‘entry_content’, ‘do_shortcode’);

    add_action( ‘bbp-reply-content’, ‘do_shortcode’);

    add_action( ‘entry-content’, ‘do_shortcode’);

    —funtions.php ends here–

    -I see other plugins intereacting fine with short codes ie [video] in my bbpress forum but not [jwplayer] can i attach this in css ?

    -Is there a very messy way to go about this and edit every file in my bbpress plugin folder?

    -Am i better off installing bbpress as stand alone instead of plugin?

    -I’m I going about creating a media based user interactive site the wrong way when choosing wordpress w/ bbpress?

    I’ve literally spent 90% of my time just trying to get what I want to work and edit it so its all tight. This issue is a brick wall and everything is stopped until this issue is resolved. So really am i just going nuts trying to reinvent the wheel?

    Thanks guys…..

    The fix it for payment offer always stands until its fixed. That goes for everyone not you Jared :) But feel free lol

    Anyone else know exactly where to put this code? I’m using slidingdoor theme. We are willing to pay someone to fix this for my company. I need it done asap!!! I can paypal you the fee. Please contact me at jason@soundhampton.com This is an urgent issue……

    btw….. thanks for everything bro :)

    Thanks again man. my functions page does not have the ?> code at the end just the endif; statement so i placed the code in the end of that and still nothing. here is the code I placed with the end of my functions.php page:

    // Prints the string, replacing the placeholders.



    get_the_category_list( ‘, ‘ ),



    the_title_attribute( ‘echo=0’ )




    add_action( ‘bbp_get_reply_content’, ‘do_shortcode’);

    Is there another page where that php script continues on it seems to not end in functions.php but like I said i’m not the greatest at PHP. I so don’t want to pay to have this thing finished :( at least if I know that the “allow shortcode” script is in the right place i can see if its a file permissions issue but I dont think it is. What do you think?

    So when is the official non developer version coming out?

    here is my issue with jwplayer in a nut shell—

    working video player

    (tested on my 404, because no one should be there anyway):


    non working video player

    (inside forums shortcodes not being read):


    Thanks Jared :D you have no clue how good it is to have you on my side on this one hahaha

    I saw You and John write that exact answer on another post and my lack of knowledge in actual hand PHP scripting cause me to kill my site wich is about 70% bbpress i killed my functions.php so i had to download a new version of bbpress and replaced the files i touched with new ones.

    I am positive (*crosses fingers*) that this do_shortcode script will work for me.

    Main Issue: I have NO clue where in the functions.php to put it, can you give my sad non PHP reading butt an example of where it should go or would you like me to post my functions page here.

    One more question:Do you mean my wordpress theme folder or my bbpress theme folder.

    As always Jared you my friend are the freaking man and thank you :)

    Wow i had no clue anyone was here in this bbpress forum, seems like everyone is posting on this topic. There are other topics going too guys. Like one’s that haven’t been addressed in 5 days… just saying :P




    Can someone please take a look at my most recent topic that I posted. While waiting for an answer Ive crashed my site twice(worse than i ever had before) bringing it back twice and then rebuilt it totally again once in about 48 hours. I really need some help. I soooo don’t want to do a complete redesign in a new platform, but that is an option that has crossed my mind. I’m so happy with my wordpress/bbpress site. But I need to get this video player working.

    Jason Dadarria

    Executive Director

    Soundhampton Technologies




    Wow no help at all…. where is Jared when you need him? Tis a sad day at bbpress.org , Well can anyone please just be like.

    nah that’s impossible or hey idiot you should know how to do that… anything… please



    Ok Jared,

    Permalinks are changed, but still no user profiles.

    In reply to: Safari and Chrome CSS



    Always do thanks :)



    To be honest my permalink structure is crap right now. I want to clean it up so the pages are in the address not like how they are now with numbers.

    I’m not really sure how to address that in the .htaccess file or how to get to it. Or what effects the permalink change will have globaly. I know i would have to change a lot of stuff.



    Thanks man but I have looked all over both CSS files.



    I dont see anything about profile or user visabilty or any allow statment going on in there.

    Do you know where this elusive theme edit is you speak of????

    It may have to do with my no login with firefox and safari issue as well.

    In reply to: Safari and Chrome CSS



    I got it…. woah… Topic Resolved

    in bbpress.css (Line 109)

    #content th.bbp-topic-author,

    #content th.bbp-reply-author {

    text-align: center;

    width: 110px;


    Sets the size of the container holding all the author info. Which the forum content aligns to. Mine was set too small it works now. With a little tweaks back and forth to adjust for cross browser continuity. hmmm

    Do you know what effects the update to 2.1 will have?

    btw you rock as a moderator !!! thanks

    and how the hell do i change my avatar on bbpress.org ? haha

    In reply to: Safari and Chrome CSS



    thanks jaredatch,

    i did this…

    ” Easiest thing to do would be to set a width for (instead of relying on auto)

    #content td.bbp-topic-author “

    it did nothing across platforms, but thank you very much for a quick reply.

    here is the code i used and is still in place on the live site.

    #content td.bbp-topic-author,

    #content td.bbp-reply-author {

    padding: 15px;

    text-align: center;

    vertical-align: top;

    width: 100px;

    I also tried width values of % and pt

    I also attacked the column next to it, but i think the issue is in the author column…. Any other ideas?

    #content tbody .bbp-topic-content,

    #content tbody .bbp-reply-content {

    vertical-align: top;

    padding: 5px 10px 0px 0px;

    overflow: auto;



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