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Issues with JW Player in BuddyPress

  • DarwinsDream


    Hi, I just downloaded the licensed version of JW Player. I have it working fine on my websites main pages but not in bbpress. The div tag for the player is called in

    as such:

    <p style=”text-align: center;”><div id=”jwplayer-1-div” class=”Soundhampton Player”>

    <div id=”jwplayer-1″></div>

    When I post a video in Buddy Press the 2 Plugins don’t seem to be interacting. All i get is the shortcode posting in my forum.

    as such:

    [jwplayer config=”Soundhampton Player” mediaid=”1754″]

    Can someone please tell me how to call the jwplayer div tag into bbpress in PHP? I think I understand what is happening, I just dint know how to get JW Player called into bbPress. Ive already checked the bbpress forum with no luck. This seems to be a first. Ive been researching this and tweaking my site for three days now.

    Here is the working JW PLayer —-

    And the non working one in Buddy Press

    Thank you very much in advance for you help.

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  • bbPress out of the box will not support [shortcodes] so JW Player will not work in forum posts.

    If you want to enable [shortcodes] in bbPress topics & replies then give this a try.

    And then install a ‘whitelist supported’ video player eg.



    Are you trying to sell me on the whitelist plugin? I lready tried that about 3 weeks ago. It wouldn’t install because of a fault error. I don’t have time to try and make non working plugins work.

    I have multiple video plugins that work fine on my site already… maybe you should have checked the links……..

    My issue is that EVERY plugin offered for wordpress merely links to offsite content. Requiring my site content to be dependent on data from another website.

    As a web developer this is unacceptable. And is RULE #1 with developing a website.

    Also plugins such as shortcode white list are bandaids to the real issue. I am looking for a solution not a bandaid. Bandaids cause issues down the line.

    bbPress by design explicitly blocks ALL short codes from functioning (except built in bbPress short codes) thus I presume why someone decided to create whitelist plugin.

    I have nothing to do with any of the plugins I mentioned above, it was the only option I could think of to help you out after looking at your site, sorry it doesn’t work for you.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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