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  • Based on the settings you chose, or whoever installed it on your server, there is an option to allow remote connections to the database. I’m assuming you’re using mysql for your database. The most probable cause is that either you’re running a firewall that is blocking port 3306 (default port) or you just simply don’t have remote access set up.


    That is a fairly straight-forward and decent guide to setting up mysql for remote access. If you have any questions you can ask me and I’ll do my best to help!

    My issue is resolved. There was an issue with the user tables not collaborating, so I put WPMU 2.6 and bbPress 1.0 Alpha in separate databases, and followed _ck_’s tutorial on install. I also used the plugin for loss of admin access. Everything now works beautifully. (so far! :) )





    The reason for the loop is that it’s trying to create repeat tables in the database, either new database or the wordpress database, whichever one you chose to use. I believe this is the cause for the loop, if you go into mysql, use:

    mysql -u <user> -p

    and then type your password


    use <databasename>

    then type show tables;

    and then type drop table <table name with prefix bb_>

    and drop each table that was a remnant of bbpress. This is the way to start a new install.

    Even deeper, this is a problem with the wordpress integration for me. I tried installing without integrating and it worked just fine. It’s possible that for me the integration must come afterwards.. =/

    The actual error I receive that brings me to this loop is:

    The key master could not be created. You may need to replace bbPress with a fresh copy and start again.

    The error log shows:

    >>> Key master could not be created!

    >>>>>> Halting installation!

    After this, anything or anywhere I go, UNTIL I completely delete the bbpress database and the bbpress directory. Then I can re-install, but I get the same error with the same loop.

    Yeah, I have been looking for something similar. My error occurred actually in a different spot now that I remember. The issue that I was running into was when I created the KeyMaster user, I named it admin, foolishly. This came with an error saying that the user is already in my wordpress database so it could not create user “admin”. That is where the loop began. I have since cleared my cache, search history, and everything that you can clear in firefox including cookies.

    I also tried this in Safari so it is most definitely not a browser related issue, or an issue with the actual bbPress, since this isn’t very common. It then must be a database issue, so I’ll continue to look into it.

    Thanks for the ideas. :D


    I am using the latest WordPressMU with the Alpha release of bbPress.


    I am actually receiving this same error. I tried installing initially and completed the install until the final step where I needed to create a forum. I tried to make a Hello World forum and I got an error saying that the installation failed. I couldn’t go back a step or anything .

    I just gave up on that install since it was fairly quick anyways, and removed the bbpress directory. I then re-downloaded the install file, unzipped it into my root directory and re-attempted the install. Now, whenever I try and re-install by going to the url that contains the bbpress install http://danvollans.com/bbpress I get a redirection error after the first step where I input my database information. I have since not been able to get past this step. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, especially since now I believe I’m not the first to receive this type of error.

    Thank you very much!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)