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    Hi – i just wanted to follow up with a recent workout of success in that David Chandra over at posted a thread that helped me greatly to get bbPress working 100% beautiful with my Shell child theme thus share as follows in case this helps …

    turns out that not only were my default forum and topics permalinks blown out, but also so were the author and topic tag defaults — meaning if i was in a forum and clicked a forum tag or a forum author, i would get a forum page that did not look like a forum but a generic blog post …

    so i ended up creating four custom child theme bbPress files and placed them in a bbpress sub directory off my child theme root … the four files were archive-forum.php, archive-topic.php, single-user.php, and taxonomy-topic-tag.php … i found that these four files worked if placed in my child theme root or if placed in my child theme bbpress sub folder but thought it best to keep in bbpress sub folder …

    the whole wierd bbPress create a topic form thing went away too given David Chandra’s approach … which was to use replace the child theme shell_get_atomic_template section with the bbp_get_template_part (see his example below) …

    BIG kudos to WP community of forums and those who share … viva the bb’s 🙂 cordially, chuck scott

    From this post David Chandra wrote ->

    you can just use bbp_get_template_part to replace shell_get_atomic_template.

    1. create archive-forum.php in child theme,
    2. copy the content of index.php from shell theme to your child theme
    3. change shell_get_atomic_template( ‘content’, true ); with bbp_get_template_part( ‘content’, ‘archive-forum’ );

    if you need to modify the default bbpress template bbpress content-archive-forum.php you can copy the files from wp-content\plugins\bbpress\templates\default\bbpress and add it in your child theme in bbpress folder.

    for example you can add it in your-child-theme/bbpress/content-archive-forum.php, you can copy and files in wp-content\plugins\bbpress\templates\default\bbpress in your child theme if you need to override it and load it using bbp_get_template_part(); function.

    i usually just copy everything to my child theme, but it’s not really future proof, since bbpress tend to delete/add new functions in every release, so full bbpress template override might broke your site. just override the template you need to modify.

    your archive-forum.php in your child theme may be something similar to this:

     * bbPress Archive Forum Template
    get_header(); // Loads the header.php template. ?>
    	<?php do_atomic( 'before_content' ); // shell_before_content ?>
    	<div id="content">
    		<?php do_atomic( 'open_content' ); // shell_open_content ?>
    		<div class="hfeed">
    			<?php do_atomic( 'open_hfeed' ); // shell_open_hfeed ?>
    			<?php if (!is_singular() ){ shell_get_atomic_template( 'loop-meta' ); } // atomic context template, in "loop-meta" directory  ?>
    			<?php if ( have_posts() ) : ?>
    				<?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
    					<?php bbp_get_template_part( 'content', 'archive-forum' ); ?>
    				<?php endwhile; ?>
    			<?php else : ?>
    				<?php get_template_part( 'loop-error' ); // Loads the loop-error.php template. ?>
    			<?php endif; ?>
    			<?php do_atomic( 'close_hfeed' ); // shell_close_hfeed ?>
    		</div><!-- .hfeed -->
    		<?php do_atomic( 'close_content' ); // shell_close_content ?>
    		<?php shell_get_atomic_template( 'loop-nav' ); // atomic context loop template, in "loop-nav" directory ?>
    	</div><!-- #content -->
    	<?php do_atomic( 'after_content' ); // shell_after_content ?>
    <?php get_footer(); // Loads the footer.php template. ?>



    Hi – i’m experiencing similar strangeness as Sami in that my child theme on a multisite network shows the bbPress forums and topics great except when going to the default permalinks of forums and topics … in those cases, the forums go away and turn into a default blog page with the forums as psuedo excerpts appearing with page numbering at bottom – even a featured image gets inserted somehow to boot … none of the other site content gets mixed into this “blog page” – just all the forums run together without looking like forums (but like excerpts) and with no links to forums or topics …

    thus = broken as is … yet and/or are great …

    i tried rolling bbPress versions back to 2.2.1 and 2.2.4 but earlier versions have same effect as current 2.3.2 … and while i could create a hack by creating an archive-forum.php file and placing it in my child theme root (based off the archive-forum.php in the templates\defaults\extras folder) it lost a ton of info – e.g., the alerts like “the forum is empty” is gone as are the other alerts like “Oh bother! No topics were found here!” and ditto with the corresponding “Create a New Topic” form …

    actually in thinking about themes were bbPress works fine, part of me wonders why the create a topic form even shows on the default forums page – meaning, i have 14 forums and only two of them have test topics yet when looking at the /forums/ default page, it is asking me to create a new topic for forum #2 which is the first forum that is empty (note forum 1 and 3 have test content, forums 2, 4-14 are empty) … maybe that is fine but my point is still valid …

    thus with a theme that is having issues, the form and the alerts do not make it in my archive-forum.php file (even the css is a bit different) so i believe there is something fishy with topics and forums defaults that is getting in the way with some themes ..??.. note i tested this with Theme Hyrbrid Prototype and Twenty Twelve with no problem but with Theme Hybrid Shell Responsive Child theme is when my problems stemmed … and i know Sami has created some themes over at Theme Hybrid as well … thus i share his pain :>) (theme compat wise that is)

    thanks in advance for any pointers, insights, help that can be shared … cordially, chuck scott



    @Jared – WOW – that seemed to do the trick … THANK YOU … i will update my trac ticket … as fyi, part of me thinks forum permalinks should work with that option on or off but hey, it now works* with it set on so that is good enough for me … thanks again for pointer as this was driving me a bit nutty and driving me a bit towards “Now what did i do wrong … what do i no understand about flushing permalinks, configuring this yada yada” thus while my confidence might have dipped a bit during this testing experience, i am certainly grateful for helpful bbPress community and pros that nudge us forward for success results :>) cordially, chuck scott

    *for others who might stumble on this thread – the working part means that now anybody who is on the network as a registered user, but not a member of a particular sub site that uses forums, with this option Jared mentions set to “on” said users when they log in to that sub site will see forums with working permalinks – in my case, they were treated as subscribers thus could not comment or create new forums …



    just a follow up in that i did some additional testing on a live production site and confirmed bug behavior so i just submitted a bug ticket here ->



    @fishmilk – i don’t have an answer to your question but i too have been experiencing similar strangeness thus i suspect there is a bug in bbPress with new users ..??.. i’m outlining my issue below incase our experiences are related ..??..

    i’m running tests on a multisite network and had bbPress installed on a sub site … then i installed BuddyPress and did some testing and that is when i found strangeness with bbPress as follows …

    when i logged into the sub site forums with a user that was added previously to the site, then all was fine … but if i tried to login as a subscriber to the network but not to that site, then i got a series of 404 errors with forums and topics not found … these links worked to a non logged in user, and worked to a logged in registered user added to the site and worked for the admin, and these links as hover overs even showed the correct permalink structure … yet when clicked on as logged in user registered to network and not to site, the permalinks were screwy – e.g., .. thus a double sub-site01 was being added …

    so then i turned off BuddyPress and still same thing … then i turned off bbPress network enabled and enabled only on subsite as original and same thing … then i changed the network settings so that the default login for that subsite was subscriber and ditto, same thing in that a user on a network would not be able to access the forums … the only way for the new user to access forums is if i go to that subsite as admin and manually add the subscriber … then it seems to work …

    my next step is to delete all my MySQL tables and try this again … partly because along my path i test the Commons in a Box BuddyPress plugin and that network enabled bbPress automatically even though i had bbPress enabled on the sub site … never thought to check that first and so not sure if something got corrupted a bit or if indeed bbPress is having issue with new users on a network (e.g., especially, if they haven’t posted, or commented in advance ??)

    looping back to your error messages … i saw some of the same ones during my path … once i disabled Commons in a Box, and repaired my forums, things seemed to come back online but i noticed that one of the avatars for my test log in subscribers was missing which leads me to believe there is possible table corruption on this end ..??..



    ditto here in how to tweak the breadcrumbs – e.g., add alt tags for hover; pre-pend the breadcrumb with new link (to the primary site on multisite network); change text from Home to something else (e.g., other page name) … accordingly, thanks in advance for any pointers that can be shared … cheers – chuck scott



    Awesome and Thank You — not sure how i missed that attribute but kudos for pointing that out … once i set them 0->13 indeed, they appear beautifully ordered :>)



    Hi Jaredatch – thank you for looping back to me and your links … i did indeed read in a post by John James Jacoby about security issue(s) so i can appreciate that … i also tested the plugin you mention but it kicked out errors which i posted in the WP forums so perhaps the plugin author will have info or fix down the road ..??..

    in a bit of thinking outloud and in the for-whatever-its-worth depts … the first time i saw shortcodes work in a WP forum solution was with Simple:Press plugin … i was actually suprised that shortcodes did work and then i got excited about using them – e.g., wrapping some forum content so that it was public, while other forum content reserved to be private and require login … also, the audio shortcode to play clips within forum posts, all of which was cool … thus not sure if Simple:Press introduces security issues by allowing shortcodes or not ..??..

    my only problem with Simple:Press was / is that it was too much configuration (in turning off stuff) and i liked the clean, minimalism inherent in bbPress … and now that it is plugin and works within WP, means i’m throwing my hat in this bbPress forum ring and look forward to seeing it’s ongoing growth …

    in the meantime, i’ve had to rethink my shortcode issue – namely media files … e.g., where do i put these files in WP if i don’t want to create a post for them, but have them referenced from within forum posts … which lead me to discover a really cool program, open source, and share as fyi in case others might be interested …

    the program = … it comes with a bridge for WP so user accounts can be shared by both … it is a file manager of sorts for your web site that makes it pretty easy to keep files private or make them shareable … i’m almost done testing this and i’m pretty sure at this point that it will be my go to tool to upload media files*, then create the shared-encrypted links, then put those links into my bbPress forum posts … thus keeping my forums to mostly text, yet linking out to media files as need be via using Ajaxplorer …

    lastly, i just wanted to go on record with BIG gratitude for all the hard work your bbPress team does in helping the rest of us in the WP worlds have really nice forum solution – Kudos to you and your seed – and i hope the Divine blesses you all for i certainly feel blessed / lucky to have tools like bbPress and forums like this for knowledge sharing – THANK YOU!

    cordially, chuck scott

    *yes i know that i could use WP Media Gallery but that gets a bit unruley since uploads are stored in blog-id-year-month folders … thus if i had ten pop tunes i wanted to upload to server, easier to create a dedicate library system with folder called music and subfolders under that … then it is easier to add new files to those folder collections versus having to track down different folders and try to remember what is in the 2011 folder vs 2012 let alone what blog-id it might have been uploaded under but i digress …

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