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Enabling WP shortcodes like audio players, private content …

  • chuckingit


    Hi – i’m using bbPress 2.02 on a Multisite install but am a bit bummed to see that there is no easy way to include media in forum posts – e.g., audio, video, images …

    based on the Trac, it appears the next version will allow for oEmbed thus videos might be able to be included but my question is what about MP3 audio files ..??..

    i have tried several audio plugin players that work fine in my WP Posts but bomb when i try the same shortcode syntax in bbPress forums – e.g., [audio:

    [audio src=""]

    in using other forum solutions, e.g., Simple:Press – they have option to allow or not allow WP shortcodes in their forum admin … thus my audio shortcode works as well as other private vs public content shortcodes with Simple:Press …

    accordingly, is there a way to enable WP shortcodes in bbPress ..??..

    thanks in advance for any pointers that can be shared … cordially, chuck scott

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  • I’m fairly certain this is disabled because it’s a big security issue. You wouldn’t want users to have access to all your shortcodes.

    Similar thread

    This is mentioned in that thread and is probably what you will want



    Hi Jaredatch – thank you for looping back to me and your links … i did indeed read in a post by John James Jacoby about security issue(s) so i can appreciate that … i also tested the plugin you mention but it kicked out errors which i posted in the WP forums so perhaps the plugin author will have info or fix down the road ..??..

    in a bit of thinking outloud and in the for-whatever-its-worth depts … the first time i saw shortcodes work in a WP forum solution was with Simple:Press plugin … i was actually suprised that shortcodes did work and then i got excited about using them – e.g., wrapping some forum content so that it was public, while other forum content reserved to be private and require login … also, the audio shortcode to play clips within forum posts, all of which was cool … thus not sure if Simple:Press introduces security issues by allowing shortcodes or not ..??..

    my only problem with Simple:Press was / is that it was too much configuration (in turning off stuff) and i liked the clean, minimalism inherent in bbPress … and now that it is plugin and works within WP, means i’m throwing my hat in this bbPress forum ring and look forward to seeing it’s ongoing growth …

    in the meantime, i’ve had to rethink my shortcode issue – namely media files … e.g., where do i put these files in WP if i don’t want to create a post for them, but have them referenced from within forum posts … which lead me to discover a really cool program, open source, and share as fyi in case others might be interested …

    the program = … it comes with a bridge for WP so user accounts can be shared by both … it is a file manager of sorts for your web site that makes it pretty easy to keep files private or make them shareable … i’m almost done testing this and i’m pretty sure at this point that it will be my go to tool to upload media files*, then create the shared-encrypted links, then put those links into my bbPress forum posts … thus keeping my forums to mostly text, yet linking out to media files as need be via using Ajaxplorer …

    lastly, i just wanted to go on record with BIG gratitude for all the hard work your bbPress team does in helping the rest of us in the WP worlds have really nice forum solution – Kudos to you and your seed – and i hope the Divine blesses you all for i certainly feel blessed / lucky to have tools like bbPress and forums like this for knowledge sharing – THANK YOU!

    cordially, chuck scott

    *yes i know that i could use WP Media Gallery but that gets a bit unruley since uploads are stored in blog-id-year-month folders … thus if i had ten pop tunes i wanted to upload to server, easier to create a dedicate library system with folder called music and subfolders under that … then it is easier to add new files to those folder collections versus having to track down different folders and try to remember what is in the 2011 folder vs 2012 let alone what blog-id it might have been uploaded under but i digress …

    Thanks for your response.

    I’m going to take a look at that plugin and see why it’s not working and see if I can fix it.

    I’ll try to get the author to updated the plugin with a fix, if not I’ll fork the plugin.

    Anyways thanks for the kind works and I’m glad you are taking a fancy to the bbPress project :)

    Please let us know whenever you have any questions and we will do our best to help!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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