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bbPress Forums List Widget unordered listing is seemingly random

  • chuckingit


    Hi – the order of forums in the Forums List widget seems arbitrary and does not sort by alpha (a-> z) or by forum id (lowest -> highest) … accordingly, is there a way to force the order to appear alphabetic ..??.. i have tried using Parent Forum ID to “0” and then to “any” but both give same result of random listing of titles …

    perhaps these forums are listed by most activity or posts ..??.. currently i have a default install (using latest WP and bbPress) with only one forum with some dummy data so maybe this is a setup thing – meaning it gets wierd showing list if no data ..??.. either way, i’d still like to force an alphabetic listing (a-> z) … accordingly, big thank you for any pointers that can be shared … cordially, chuck scott

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  • Each forum has an ‘order’ attribute in the ‘Forum Attributes’ and the forum list widget should display the forums in that order.



    Awesome and Thank You — not sure how i missed that attribute but kudos for pointing that out … once i set them 0->13 indeed, they appear beautifully ordered :>)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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