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  • You’re right, but most forum platforms do. So since it’s regarded by most as basic forum functionality, I think it should become a feature of future releases. In the meantime, a third party plugin solving this issue would be just fine.

    Ok, I’ll try to be clearer, and ask one question at a time. How exactly should I modify the default theme CSS if I want to have a latest replies list displayed before the forums list, at the root level?

    Please explain in terms “open this file and insert/change that”. I’m still a bit lost understanding what is where.

    I do hope that the PM option could be implemented as an integrated part of bbPress in some of the future releases. Or maybe I should reconsider setting up BuddyPress, although this is the only thing from it that I really need at the moment? I don’t want my site to be too heavy on plugins, because it already has too many of them.

    I am also very much concerned about this. I run a WordPress site with almost 1000 users that is integrated with standalone bbPress 1.0.2 forum and everything is working just fine, so if anything went wrong with the migration to bbPress 2.x it would be a disaster. Is there a guaranteed safe way to do this? Or, if something goes wrong, how to undo the changes?

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    PLEASE make the integration of bbPress into WP just as simple as WP Forum / Forum Server – for these plugins all you have to do to integrate the forum is to make a blank page and insert a HTML code like [VastHTML].

    I’m still running Forum Server only because I can’t integrate bbPress the way I’d like to, but I’d really love to switch because of it’s far superior forum possibilities (and it looks like the WP Forum / Forum Server development has been discontinued, so their bugs will probably never be solved).

    Oh, another important thing for the wishlist: make it possible to import the WP Forum / Forum Server database.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)