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Private messaging in bbPress 2?

  • I’m a bit disappointed not to be able to find a simple private messaging solution for bbPress 2 that existed through a plugin in 1.1. I don’t want to go through all the trouble of installing BuddyPress and making all the necessary theme customizations, and I don’t want to use some WordPress plugin that would require users to go to a separate page and select who they want to message from a dropdown list. I need just a simple PM link in the forum interface. Is it so complicated to add the option?

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  • I’m sure something surface eventually, however as you mentioned at the moment there isn’t a working solution for bbP 2.x.

    The thing is that the majority of bbP 2.x users (dont have any raw numbers) are using it in conjunction with BuddyPress… so they already have this feature.

    Most people who want private messaging also want extended user profiles, etc.. which just leads then to BuddyPress.

    I do hope that the PM option could be implemented as an integrated part of bbPress in some of the future releases. Or maybe I should reconsider setting up BuddyPress, although this is the only thing from it that I really need at the moment? I don’t want my site to be too heavy on plugins, because it already has too many of them.

    BuddyPress is entirely modular, so you only have to activate the parts of it you will use (such as PM) :)



    Hmm. If I have bbPress 2.1 installed, how do I then install BuddyPress to get PM? – Just install it as normal, and the bbPress and BuddyPress will automatically be merged?



    @Bluealek PM solution is already exist for bbPress plugin. Ben L. has converted bbPM standalone version to bbPress plugin’s version.

    Hope, that what you’re looking for!



    Is this a plugin I can test now, or “in the works”?


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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