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  • got it! thanks!

    hmm and you didn’t have to change anything? mine shows up in registration but no text for TOS in the box provided.

    yes i’m trying to use it in 1.0. do you have any suggestions? thanx

    here’s a link to the plugin i downloaded:

    oh and in your response you’d mentioned something about wanting to show codes…no, i don’t want to show the codes. All i want is for the ads to show on the pages i want them to.


    i downloaded the plugins ADSENSE FOR BBPRESS and GOOGLE ADSENSE CONFIGURATION. The former gives an option to insert codes but when i put in my OpenX code nothing shows up. The latter, however, displays my OpenX ads, only problem is it shows up in the footer when i want it in the header and between posts. i tried inserting the html codes directly in my themes but it shows as html codes and not as an ad. am i doing something wrong? please let me know.

    Also, can any of you please help me configure it to not only show up in the footer? here’s the coding for that plugin:



    Plugin Name: Simple Google Adsense

    Plugin URI:

    Description: Add Google Adsense code in your bbPress forum, in the footer :) All users are welcome to improve on it :p

    Author: Frédéric Petit

    Author URI:

    Version: 0.2

    License: CC-GNU-GPL


    add_action(‘bb_admin_menu_generator’, ‘bb_gad_configuration_page_add’);

    add_action(‘bb_admin-header.php’, ‘bb_gad_configuration_page_process’);

    function bb_gad_configuration_page_add() {

    bb_admin_add_submenu(__(‘Google Adsense Configuration’), ‘use_keys’, ‘bb_gad_configurtion_page’);


    function bb_gad_configurtion_page(){?>

    <h2><?php _e(‘Google Adsense Configuration’); ?></h2>

    <form class=”options” method=”post” action=””>


    <label for=”ga_key”>

    <?php _e(‘Google Adsense User Id:’) ?>



    <textarea class=”text” name=”ga_key” id=”ga_key” value=”<?php bb_form_option(‘ga_key’); ?>” ></textarea>

    <?php _e(‘Put your adsense code, without the code of the script’); ?>




    <?php bb_nonce_field( ‘ga-configuration’ ); ?>

    <input type=”hidden” name=”action” id=”action” value=”update-ga-configuration” />

    <div class=”spacer”>

    <input type=”submit” name=”submit” id=”submit” value=”<?php _e(‘Update Configuration »’) ?>” />






    function bb_gad_configuration_page_process() {

    if ($_POST == ‘update-ga-configuration’) {


    if ($_POST) {

    $value = stripslashes_deep( trim( $_POST ) );

    if ($value) {

    bb_update_option(‘ga_key’, $value);

    } else {

    bb_delete_option(‘ga_key’ );


    } else {



    $goback = add_query_arg(‘ga-updated’, ‘true’, wp_get_referer());



    if ($_GET) {

    bb_admin_notice( __(‘Configuration saved.’) );



    // Bail here if no key is set

    if (!bb_get_option( ‘ga_key’ ))


    function createGAdCode($accountId) {

    $code .= ‘<div class=’bbpress_adsense’>’ . “n”;

    $code .= ‘ ‘ . $accountId . ‘ ‘ . “n”;

    $code .= ‘<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’’></script>&#8217; . “n”;

    $code .= ‘</div>’ . “n”;

    return $code;


    function insertGAdCode() {

    $accountId = bb_get_option(‘ga_key’);

    if ($accountId != ”) {

    echo createGAdCode($accountId);



    add_action(‘bb_foot’, ‘insertGAdCode’);


    Got it! thanks guys!!!

    Thanks a lot guys.

    @ Chris…i know how to add new forums etc. what i’m trying to figure out is how to add a new directory to the plugins to enable ads. i’ve downloaded a plugin and the read me file says:

    “Unpack the zip to your /my-plugins/ directory”. WHERE IS THAT?

    “Copy and paste this: <?php bbad_ad_block(); ?> as the first line of post.php (before <div class="threadauthor">) in whichever theme you are using. I.e.”

    i’m confused. please help.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)