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  • The latest versions now have admin settings in the dashboard that allow the admin to create additional whitelists of supported tags. It also detects Viper’s Video Quicktags and allows all those tags to be added to the whitelist via a single checkbox.

    I’ve implemented a means by which other shortcode plugin developers can make their plugins get automatically detected by the whitelist, declaring which safe shortcodes they support, and giving them the same single checkbox ‘add to whitelist’ functionality that I’ve currently done with my bbPress BBCode plugin and Viper’s Video Quicktags.

    Well I can confirm that the latest and compatible versions of both these plugins are now definitely available on

    I’ve set up a test forum with pretty much just these two plugins active and you can see the results here:


    Embarrassing user error with svn. Checked the project in without adding the files! Then assumed wordpress was being slow updating the plugin page like it was when I checked in the first version of bbpress2-bbcode.

    I have checked it in successfully now. It still isn’t showing up, but I suspect it will now shortly…

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    Version 0.2 is out, more stable now. Much improvements over the bOingball version, even if you don’t have bbpress installed. The

    tag now supports

    name wrote:
    format in such a way that if name is the login name of a user on the system, it displays as their display name instead. Also if buddypress is installed, the display name becomes a link to their profile page. If buddypress isn’t installed but bbpress is, it links to their forum user page. I’ve also added css style classes to the html output, allowing for some interesting theme options…
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    Version 0.1 of my plugin is now available for download on Find it here if you want to help test it:

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    Well I’ve got bbCode working in my own forums now by creating a mod of the b0ingball bbcode plugin that also supports bbpress. I’ve requested a repository on wordpress for this and will make it available there as soon as my request is approved.

    Its just an alpha version so far. It works for my site and historic posts imported from SMF, Vanilla and Phorum versions of my sites forum (I’ve been through a load), but I had to mod the quote and url tags from the b0ingball version because they didn’t work properly for me. Hopefully by fixing them for myself I haven’t broken it for anyone else. I’m prepared to do a little work to get this universal.

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    I think I read somewhere that the way to do this would be to extend a WordPress plugin that adds bbcode to wordpress posts, such as the bOingball BBCode plugin to also apply to bbpress posts and replies.

    I also need this feature and would be willing to do the work coding it. At the moment though I’m not sure how to begin unless someone can quickly teach me the basics for making a wordpress shortcode active in bbpress forum posts… ^-^

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    Okay, I’ve tentatively solved this issue by installing the ‘User Role Editor’ plugin and granting all authors access to ‘view hidden forums’. This seems to have had the effect of allowing them to post to this forums also (which is what I wanted).

    I’ll bare in mind that in future I may need to manage access via Buddypress groups instead however…

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    Ah okay, thanks Andre, but I don’t really want this bbpress plugin forum to get confused with the buddypress group forums, I just want to set some forums to members only.

    Maybe I can do this with a user roles plugin as currently Admin can see the private forums so maybe there is a way using user roles to give authors and above access. Of course I have to be careful because if bbpress and buddypress become aware of each other then it could mean authors have access to forums of private groups they aren’t meant to see. Tricky…

    It appears in the normal wordpress admin section. It doesn’t have its own separate admin any more.

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