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  • Hi. Got an install of the bbpress 2.3 beta on a WordPress multisite with Buddypress on the main site. Its hidden from users for the minute while I set it all up. Yeah, I know its a beta and ‘Thar be dragons’ and all that, but really the forum is backed up anyway, and as I say, it isn’t actually visible to users yet.

    Just one thing, in the existing site I’m migrating from (which wasn’t multisite but just a single site BuddyPress with integrated single site bbPress), I had set some forums to be visible to members only using a bbpress plugin. Now it looks like in this new bbpress you can set certain forums to ‘Private’ and in the help it says ‘Private (seen only by chosen users)’. Has the bit to choose these users been implemented yet? I can’t find how to chose the users that can see a private forum.

    Maybe I’m missing something obvious. Any help appreciated… :-)

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  • Andre


    Eventually bbPress 2.0 will be used as the forum component of BuddyPress. The private features in bbPress were built for that, but won’t really be useful until BuddyPress and bbPress the plugin become aware of each other. At this point the private features in bbPress are just hooks for future addons.

    I’ve asked at which version of BuddyPress and bbPress will they be made aware of each other, but haven’t received and answer.

    Ah okay, thanks Andre, but I don’t really want this bbpress plugin forum to get confused with the buddypress group forums, I just want to set some forums to members only.

    Maybe I can do this with a user roles plugin as currently Admin can see the private forums so maybe there is a way using user roles to give authors and above access. Of course I have to be careful because if bbpress and buddypress become aware of each other then it could mean authors have access to forums of private groups they aren’t meant to see. Tricky…

    Okay, I’ve tentatively solved this issue by installing the ‘User Role Editor’ plugin and granting all authors access to ‘view hidden forums’. This seems to have had the effect of allowing them to post to this forums also (which is what I wanted).

    I’ll bare in mind that in future I may need to manage access via Buddypress groups instead however…



    Great thread on how to have registered users be able to view hidden blogs. Thanks for this, antonchanz.



    Nice work around and an excellent thread. Thank you. In our use case, we are very interested in creating forums that we can invite specific site members to participate in, but not all site members and certainly not site visitors. I am familiar with “User Group Roles.” This is a good temporary option for a select few, but doesn’t enable self organization of members, which in our case is wanted. I understand Forums For Groups in Buddypress does this but there are issues integrating the experience. BJ

    • This reply was modified 11 years, 7 months ago by bjkitchin.

    I’m not 100% sure this is exactly what you were wanting to do, but I figured I’d post this for anyone else for finds this thread.

    I released a plugin that basically hides bbPress from all users who are not logged in.

    For example, if your forum is at and a vistor tries to go there who is not logged in, they will be redirected to a URL of your choice (defined in the settings). Also this plugin disables all bbPress RSS feeds and most shortcodes.



    Anyone know anything about this yet? I’m using bbPress in conjunction with Buddypress, but even when groups are creating private forums, all logged in users have access. Is there anyway to assign certain forums as accessible by certain groups only?

    Thanks in advance,



    Is there any way to use these hooks to make forums private depending on a user-taxonomy for example? I really don’t want to have to install buddypress just to make forums private.

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