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bbPress 2.0 shortcode whitelist and bbcode plugins

  • I’ve noticed a lot of people looking for plugins that add bbcode to the forum in the new bbPress 2.0 version. I was also interested so I paid attention. I think someone mentioned that the way to do it would be to use wordpress shortcodes, but that before enabling these in forum topics and replies it might be best to create a whitelist of safe shortcodes that you want to allow.

    Well I waited and no-one developed this, and so I looked into doing it myself. I have now done this and added my first ever wordpress plugins into the repository! These being:


    and bbpress2-bbcode

    Using these two together creates a safer way of including bbcode in your forum. I will expand the whitelist to include other cool but safe shortcode plugins as I become aware of them. I also plan to add an admin page that allows manual addition of shortcodes you wish to allow.

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  • master5o1


    First one isn’t ready to view yet :(


    Embarrassing user error with svn. Checked the project in without adding the files! Then assumed wordpress was being slow updating the plugin page like it was when I checked in the first version of bbpress2-bbcode.

    I have checked it in successfully now. It still isn’t showing up, but I suspect it will now shortly…

    Well I can confirm that the latest and compatible versions of both these plugins are now definitely available on

    I’ve set up a test forum with pretty much just these two plugins active and you can see the results here:

    The latest versions now have admin settings in the dashboard that allow the admin to create additional whitelists of supported tags. It also detects Viper’s Video Quicktags and allows all those tags to be added to the whitelist via a single checkbox.

    I’ve implemented a means by which other shortcode plugin developers can make their plugins get automatically detected by the whitelist, declaring which safe shortcodes they support, and giving them the same single checkbox ‘add to whitelist’ functionality that I’ve currently done with my bbPress BBCode plugin and Viper’s Video Quicktags.



    Hi there, I am using insert_php plugin with bbpress. I have already added [insert_php] as a shortcode to whitelisted shortcode list under ‘bbPress2 shortcode whitelist’s settings. But, I am still getting [insert_php] as text in replies. Please help me understand if I am missing something here?




    use this plugin instead and see if it works

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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