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  • ah! I went to trackdown what I added, and realized I was calling the author ID, which is evidently wrong… but this allowed me to get the profile of the logged in user:

    <a href="<?php global $userdata;


    echo('http://intercontinentalcry.mahost.org/discussions/profile.php?id=' . $userdata->ID . '');

    ?>">Your Profile</a></li>

    Thanks trent! You may have only said five words, but they led me to the solution I was looking for – Ahni

    hmm, then it seems I have a problem, because nothing shows when I do a search (just bbpress results). I haven’t upgraded yet, maybe that will fix it.

    solo, is it possible to provide a few more details; I really don’t understand how to use this (eg, do I have to add something to search.php? if so, what and where?)



    BrendonKoz, I hadn’t actually thought about it in any real detail. What you mentioned though sums it up perfectly. For the users issue, ideally I’d like to have all members as subscribers, and have it so their comments to the topics (as I’m the only one who starts topics) would show up accordingly.

    One thing though – are you talking about converting directly from punbb to WP? I think in fairness to others, and you too – converting punbb to BBpress would be better, as more people would get use out of it (a basic conversion for users, topics, comments, categories and forums)

    In any event, thanks!



    Hey Trent -thanks for replying so quickly. You’ve definitely given me something to think about.

    If it is somewhat easy, then I think I’ll wait a bit and see if anyone can give a hand with this (Ill completely understand if no one wants to though, since I’ll probably be the only one to ever use it), because on the current site I’ve been using punbb as a blog – my hope is to have all that content separate from the forum.

    I may just take your advice though – Thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)