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  • @swaymedia – you make a php page in the bb template folder and put that code in, you get the topics which you can loop through as normal.

    @chrishajer – sure, the full bbpress forum is not in an iframe in a WP page, just the recent posts, although i just realised for something else that a micro bbpress forum in an iframe/widget could be very interesting

    @chrishajer – Its not quite ready for primetime but you just make a very basic page with the bb-load.php include and then you can get the latest topics/comments and create some links. You need some simple css in the page to match your site styling for the links and target the top frame in the links

    $topics = get_latest_topics( );

    Your homepage might have adverts, widgets, maps etc which will often load in an iframe, as well as images, so the latest topics appear as part of the page build up.

    One day i might get round to proper integration but until then, it works fine

    @swaymedia – grow up

    Swaymedia, in the time you’ve spent writing all your posts you could have figured out how to do it. I did my iframe hack for the same thing you need in the time it took to write this post and it works perfectly. Stop moaning, its free software, it will happen one day but its not here yet, deal with it

    @swaymedia, ouch! :)

    Ipstenu is right, it would be a world of pain with upgrades, they need to stay apart. The profile integration is great and if you work on it a user would never know where WP ends and BBPress starts. Check out, best example i’ve seen

    An easy way to integrate is to use iframes in your wp pages to load bbpress content. Might not be suitable for many things but is quick and simple to do

    Thats a good sign, should give things some momentum

    I would have thought Automattic could monetize BBPress in the same way the make money from WordPress, there’s obviously a need for blogs and forums to be combined and people will pay for hosted versions.

    Its great to get new WP features, but its now a well developed software and I think there’s much more scope for growth with BBpress. Once you link them together its very good and it solves a lot of the Profile customisation problems you get in WP. The alpha works fine as long as you don’t want too much from it and I don’t get how they don’t want to exploit that much more

    I just had a similar event. Using IE & FF that i had previously logged in to bbpress/wordpress and then logged out, i couldn’t get the registration form to work. But when i close the browser and reopen then the form works. This is with the alpha bbpress and 2.7 WP

    Not sure if this is really a problem, as it stops someone repeatedly registering in the same session, but worth knowing. Thanks

    Well i didn’t get the 0.9 WP integration to work so couldn’t stop myself using the alpha with the help of the screencast and it seems to work fine with just the Akismet and Human Test plugins.

    There was one bug i found when deleting the only topic in a forum but that has been resolved in the trunk so i was able to copy that fix.

    It makes the Forum into a Category, you can’t post topics into it. Just use it to group other forums

    In reply to: Forum name withing

    Thanks for that

    Why is this video so prominent when it requires the unstable alpha version? Two stickies up and _CK_ is telling us not to use the alpha.

    This is a great example of integration, login with WP and use BBPress for the profile and then log out through BBPress. I’m trying to copy the setup myself as it works well. If you ever read this then any info on your method would be very useful such as what plugins you use

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)