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  • Hi guys,

    thanks so much for you help and advice on this. I’ve got the host to rollback the whole site to before the error occurred, and that seems to be working so I’m crossing my fingers it will be ok now (and doing nightly backups…)

    I’ve repeatedly asked the host what caused the problem and they’ve not been answering – most recent response was “Sorry, but we can’t let you know what was caused the problem.” – which might mean they don’t know or else could mean they don’t want me to know… ho hum.

    Anyways – thanks very much for taking to time to help with this, particularly as it’s not actually a bbpress issue at all.


    Hey Chris,

    thanks for taking the time to look at this – I really appreciate it. I’ll take it up with my host. If it were the case (as I suspect), that whatever the problem is, the data is now corrupt and I’ll need to do a clean re-install, is there some way to extract the posts and repopulate bbpress?

    Yes that’s a good point – didn’t think of the FTP.


    admin add user

    allow images

    bb-wysisyg editor

    force login

    hidden forums

    wordpress integration

    The problems I had on the main site:

    My host are insisting that they didn’t touch it, and I certainly didn’t, so I’m not sure if it’s been hacked, or it’s some sort of database glitch or what. On the WP site, all of the categories were reset to “uncategorized” which, for a site running comicpress, which is category-based, was a bit of a disaster. Just as I was panicking, it seemed to find the categories again, and reset the site to 6th July (which I assumed was them rolling back altough they insist they haven’t). I also noticed the category order plugin giving the following error:

    WordPress database error: [Can’t create/write to file

    ‘/tmp/#sql_e93_0.MYI’ (Errcode: 22)]

    SHOW COLUMNS FROM wp_terms LIKE ‘term_order’

    WordPress database error: [Duplicate column name ‘term_order’]

    ALTER TABLE wp_terms ADD term_order INT( 4 ) NULL DEFAULT ‘0’

    Again, if this suggests anything to you, or I can provide any more info, I’d be most grateful,


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)