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  • Hi Guys

    I’m new on the block, but have considerable experience with forum software and server enrironments. I also have a little fleet of WordPress sites, LOL. I haven’t grokked all the bbPress stuff yet, but this is a very interesting topic.

    -ck- and paulhawke both made some very good points there.

    Based on what I know of other systems, the observation about cacheing is accurate. Also a fairly competent Forum program is likely to become considerable larger than any blog because of the nature of the communications, which is many-to-many, rather than one-to-many. Tts not uncommon for forums to have fifty to a hundred thousand posts. How many blogs do you know like that? Just like WP, it all has to be iterated to do a page generation.

    Forums are also very spiky, due to their many-to-many, interactive nature. One post begets another or another five. Other than add-ins, Blogs are effectively document retrieval systems where there is a time disconnect between related events.

    For these reasons, I lean toward the idea of either hybrid or standalone development. Another concept would be that the plug-in have either less capabilities or some size limits coded in. Sure people could code around, but they would also be on notice that ‘you may be heading for trouble’.

    I’m looking forward to what’s coming.

    Thanks zaerl, that did the trick…

    It fixed the other issue as well, by my slightly informed guess being that the errors being pushed were killing the page build.

    anyway, all’s well that gets a fix and my necessary PHP education continues.

    Kevin, thanks but… “I don’t think so”, LOL.


    BTW, IS there a way to change PW’s by end users in this package aka User Control Panel or Profile?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)