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BBPress Forum PW reset not working

  • I had to create a new account to post this:

    DL’ed code a few days ago. Signed up earlier this week. Doh! Forgot PW

    Put OK username in PW reset field, GOT e-mail

    Tried link in 2 browsers – no va (no go)

    bbPress Support Forums ยป Log in

    Password Reset

    You are not allowed to change your password.

    OK, what’s up?

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  • BTW, IS there a way to change PW’s by end users in this package aka User Control Panel or Profile?


    Just by going to their profile you can click on EDIT PROFILE and at the bottom there is a place to change your password.


    Did you ever get an answer on your first question? I got the same “you are not allowed to change your password” message at the reset link. If it helps, I finally found my old password in an email from The term “bbpress” was not in the email, which is why I had trouble finding it.



    Looking for help with user changeable passwords also.

    When I look at my own profile, I do not see the option for changing my password.

    Can someone post a screen shot of this please?

    Many thanks



    I take it all back…..having signed up here, I can do this on this site…..just not on my own site.

    I wonder what my site is missing where this feature doesn’t exist for me yet??

    knottsav, I just realized I have the same problem only on my own site. I thought it was a bigger issue but it works just fine here. I think we’re experiencing a glitch somehow.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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