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    This is one of the forums I admin and is the main playground for my plugins. (warning, it’s in italian)

    is a modified version of 1.0.2 paired with the blog at /blog/ (no deep integration.) Plugins used:

    Ajaxed quote – customized


    bbPM – the amazing plugin of Ben. Customized in many ways

    bbPress signatures


    Post Count Plus – wonderful work

    zeal Avatar – modified version of the wonderful (I talk like Steve Jobs) bavatars

    zaerl Easter – a plugin that hide some easter eggs on posts’ text

    zaerl Editor – unreleased version with support to custom tags and emoticons. Obviously you can’t see it in action if you aren’t logged in

    zaerl Emoticons – with code stolen from WordPress

    zaerl GA – yet another Google Analytics plugin. But this is paired with zaerl Visibility and output the google js code only on those pages that a guest (search engine are guests) can see

    zaerl Members Online – a modified version of _ck_ Members Online

    zaerl Post Permalink – permalink in the form post/number

    zaerl Random Description – random desc under main title

    zaerl Spoiler – add the spoiler tag

    zaerl Tags Administration – new tags and blah blah

    zaerl URL Preview – unreleased new version that print server names after links, add target=”_blank”, auto-embed youtube videos, vimeo videos and Anobii book covers. No fancy bbcode or stuff like that. If a link is a youtube/vimeo/anobii link than it is transformed.

    Finally what you see on the left is the output of my plugin zaerl Sidebar. It is my personal (and totally useless right now) attempt to bring WordPress-like widgets to bbPress. The “Membri online” is a widget registered by Post Count Plus and “Tag in evidenza” instead is a widget bundled with the plugin. Right now I have implemented these widgets: stats, most popular posts, text-only, hot-tags, views list, members online (Post Count Plus), Spam caught (Akismet), RSS and search.

    If you are curious you can see transformations and tags in this topic:

    The theme is Kakumei with some CSS changes.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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