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wptouch pro mobile theme compatibility?

  • selise



    i’ve just installed bbpress 2.1 on a test site and am loving it. great job and many thanks to all, especially (of course) jjj.

    so far the new theme compatibility seems to be working just fine (and MUCH easier to set up) with my simple twentyten child theme.

    however, there are very weird problems with the mobile theme from the wptouch pro plugin (for example, with wptouch pro switched on, the blog is displaying forum topic titles without any blog or forum content). what makes this especially weird is that i did have wptouch pro working with bbpress 2.0.

    i’ve asked for help on the bravenewcode support forum, but they don’t offer official support for wptouch with bbpress (although, as per usual, emilio is willing to a look)…. so i thought i’d ask here too as wptouch mobile theme plugin might be something of interest to bbpress users and some of you may have a suggestion.

    thanks for any ideas to try…;

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  • John James Jacoby


    Sadly, I haven’t tried these two together yet; so I’m not personally able to offer up any help just yet.

    Thanks for the kind words, and hope someone else has a better answer!

    I don’t know about it but I find WP touch easy to use, stylish and user friendly.



    thanks jjj.

    here’s what i needed to do, in case anyone else is interested.

    1. install bbpress and wptouch pro plugins
    2. in bbpress settings, under theme packages, choose the bbpress
      default – bbp-theme-compat
    3. create a wp page forums and use [bbp-forum-index] short code for a
      forum index page
    4. in wptouch admin make sure that both “Enable ‘topic’ post type” and
      “Enable ‘reply’ post type” are NOT selected (thanks to emilio at
    5. put a copy of bbpress/bbp-theme-compat/extras/archive-forum.php into
      the active wptouch child theme iphone (etc) directory(ies).
    6. tweak style

    i have no idea why a copy of archive-forum.php was needed in the wptouch theme as i didn’t need to copy any of the bbpress files into my desktop theme (twentyten child) and i didn’t copy any of the other bbpress files into the wptouch theme. but at least it seems to be working with a minimum of fuss.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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