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WP 3.0 beta 2 integrated user registration

  • Hi All. I had registrations using bbpress (but also registering in wordpress) working fine with beta 1.

    Now with beta 2 if I try to register in bbpress I get the message “Email Email is required” even though I’ve entered an email. My guess is that beta 2 changed how the emails are stored in the database maybe?

    Registering through wordpress works fine, but it’s doing what it always did which is make the bbpress role “Inactive (no role)” which means it’s not instant, and I have to go in to make the change.

    I had a plugin installed that fixed this problem, but it stopped working with another update.

    Any thoughts on how to fix either of these so things work again?

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  • Same issue here.

    bbPress 1.0.2 seems to play nice with WordPress 3.0 RC1, except for this problem.

    I actually managed to get one account registered, but I can’t reproduce the situation. I do remember that I didn’t get to see the register-success screen, but I received the confirmation email with the password. All subsequent attempts failed though, as did numerous previous attempts.

    Being able to do it once (out of 20 attempts or so) would point to a problem with cookies or being previously logged in, but the problem occured in 4 different browsers, 2 of which had never been used to access this site.

    So, bbPress acts like I’m trying to register without providing an email address. Any thoughts?



    This sadly isn’t a huge shock.

    Given that 4 versions of WordPress will have been released since the last version of bbPress, it was bound to happen at some stage.

    I’ll attempt to report it into the WPdev channel and see what the change is, and maybe we can come up with a bbPress plugin to help make any changes meccessary.

    If whatever change in WordPress that is affecting us is here to stay (basically: if it’s not a bug), then it will effectively signal the end of complete WordPress integration. Thats not me being all doom and gloom, its the harsh reality that the two systems will then be out of sync.

    That said… I’ve long been a believer in forcing people to both login and register via WordPress over bbPress on an integrated system. At least then you’re only working with 1 system setting cookies/registering etc. And right now there are far more WordPress plugins for control and customization.

    If BBPress is going to de-integrate with WordPress, it’s worth publicising that fact as soon as possible: Plenty of people will upgrade WordPress without checking that BBPress still works, while registration errors generally aren’t apparent to the administrator.

    I hope this “bug” isn’t intended. Forcing a ‘blog registration isn’t a terribly straightforward solution for those that have historically structured everything to use forum registration…



    bbPress does integrate well with WordPress 2.9.2 which is the the current stable release. On the docs page it’s very well specified:

    bbPress integration should work with most recent version of WordPress in the 2.9.x series.



    I have tested it. bbPress 1.0.2, WordPress 3.0 RC1. Cookies integration, members integration, same database, WordPress bbPress cookie plugin.

    I can create users from bbPress and from WordPress. No problems with the user database and other stuff like that. No problems with the login from WordPress and/or bbPress.

    I have checked the wp_users database schema of WordPress 2.9.2 and 3.0. It’s the same. I’m sorry but I can’t reproduce the “email is required” bug.

    Thanks a lot for your help, zaerl – at least we now know that it should be working, or at least it looks like it should be. That’s valuable info.

    I’m not sure I’m using the ‘WordPress bbPress cookie plugin’ you mention – I think I’ve seen several plugins that promise to get the integration right – can you point me to the ‘right’ one?

    The only plugin I’m using is bbPress Integration 1.0 by Michael Adams and Sam Bauers.

    Any other suggestions/guesses? I’d be happy to report back – finding out what’s causing the “email is required” behaviour might be helpful to everybody, considering that there’s at least one other person (Terranb) who’s getting this, and also in light of kevinjohngallagher’s and timskii’s remarks.

    Some more information:

    The configuration is the same as zaerl’s (except maybe for the plugin mentioned above) – WordPress and bbPress are sharing users, I don’t get booted out of one when I log into the other etc.

    The site is hosted on Media Temple’s Grid Service, running PHP 5.2.6 and MySQL 5.1.26

    Feel free to have a look if it helps (it’s work in progress):

    I’ve tried switching back to the default theme, but the problem was exactly the same…

    Thanks everybody – good to find people who are passionate about making it work.



    I’m not sure I’m using the ‘WordPress bbPress cookie plugin’ you mention

    I have only tested it in my XAMPP sandbox (Debian) cause I had only few minutes for it. Apache/2.2.12, PHP/5.3.0, MySQL 5.1.37.

    The “email is required” error can be spawn only from register.php file line 33 and only if $_POST isn’t defined (well I just made a quick look so I could have written something that isn’t true.) But it’s very strange. If you want to make a quick test do print_r($_POST); and see what you got.

    Damn I can’t help. Maybe it’s the first time in my life in which I would like to have a software bug.

    Upgraded to WordPress RC 3, still getting the same error.

    print_r($_POST); gives me the following:

    Array ( [user_login] => hello [user_email] => [user_url] => [from] => [occ] => [interest] => [Submit] => Register ยป )

    I obscured the email address here, but it is the one I have entered in the registration form above. So it seems that user_email IS defined.

    Thanks for that hint. Maybe it’s a freakish bug – nobody else has chimed in with the same problem so far – but I don’t know how many people are testing WP 3 with bbPress yet, so I’m not quite ready to re-install the whole sermon from scratch again. I’ll try setting up the same combo on a different server as soon as I can find the time, but I’m still hoping that this can be tracked down, so I don’t have to fear for the worst with every future update…

    Does the information above give any of you guys an idea?

    Again, greatly appreciated.

    Okay, bug hunting is hereby unsuccessfully terminated for the time being:

    I installed WordPress 3.0 RC3 and bbPress 1.0.2 in a different subdomain on the same server, and everything works as it should:

    I can register new accounts, they show up in WordPress without a role, but as soon as I’ve logged in and posted a reply, I’m mapped as a subscriber in WordPress.

    Adding a new user in WordPress works as well, I can hop over to bbPress, log in with the details chosen in WordPress, and post as a member.

    Now that I see it working on the same server, I must have made a mistake in the first installation, or it’s a crazy bug. I doubt it had to do with my custom theme, because I switched back to the defaults during testing. However, I’ve only tested the new installation with the defaults, I’ll be back here if anything goes weird…

    I’m still slightly uneasy about this of course, because I usually find the bugs or errors, even if I can’t always (okay, rarely) solve or correct them myself. But given that bbPress is BY FAR the best solution for a simple forum on WordPress, I simply had to make it work. Non-intrusive custom themes and Akismet are just two reasons why bbPress is so far ahead of other WordPress integrated solutions; I’ve tested 4 alternatives over the last week or so – OMFG.

    The only thing I can offer to others is to try again, following Sam Bauer’s screencast at

    (with one addition: when bbPress asks for the cookie salts and you can’t find them on the admin page bbPress links to, copy them from wp-config.php)



    Great addition man. I’m happy to see that.

    Wait a minute:

    Looks like it might be deep integration that’s causing the problem: recommends adding require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/path/to/wp-load.php'); to bb-config.php.

    I just added that (using the correct path) to my working installation, and I’m getting the ’email is required’ behaviour again. Delete it, and registration works.

    I’m not sure if that means deep integration doesn’t work at all with WP3.0…?



    Rootside, this is good methodical thinking, thank you for it.

    “Deep Integration” was never intended with bbPress sadly, and it’s something that the Automattic folks have shy’d away from. I’ll look for Sam’s quote on it in a bit (as he summed it up brilliantly).

    I’d throw this error on the WP board and see if it gets any traction (i reported the original bug form this thread and it recieved no responses at all), but it might not given that bbPress’s integration with WordPress is not a priority for either system.

    If this still exists in 3.0 when it’s released, we’ll see if we can get a sticky made to warn people.

    Good work!

    Oh, thanks…

    “Deep Integration” was never intended with bbPress sadly

    I don’t know – of course I’d really like to have bbPress “deeply integrated”, and it’s particularly frustrating to see that everything seems to work except for the registration process (and some other, solvable little bits like title tag, current page body tag etc.).

    But I would probably agree that deep bbPress integration shouldn’t be a priority for WordPress core development. In that respect, having bbPress as a standalone system that also works inside WordPress may simply be asking too much:

    Look at other solutions – they’re either bloated or phenomenally ugly and near impossible to customise, or both. But I’ve tested several of them with WordPress 3.0 RC3, and they all get two things right straight away – integration and shared users, with just a few clicks.

    They’re also all plugins…

    For now, I’ll have to see if someone finds a way around this problem, or if I’ll have to replicate my WordPress theme for bbPress and leave deep integration alone. Stupid, really.

    Then there’s also Justin Tadlock, who is building a forum using nothing but WordPress custom post types and custom taxonomies. Should be interesting to see how that pans out…

    I’ll stick this on the WP boards – it seems WordPress 3.0 has been released just a few minutes ago, I’m pretty sure others will run into the same problem.



    I’ll check the deep integration.



    I’ve built a plugin for you. It’s called zaerl WordPress 3 fix.

    Have a nice day.

    Haha, you absolute star. It works, I just installed and tested it. Thank you so much.

    Btw, I think it’s missing the closing ?> declaration

    Looks like something stupid is going on, doesn’t it. Do we know why this is happening? My PHP knowledge is just good enough to vaguely tell what’s doing what, but I never understand the bigger picture.



    The closing tag isn’t required.

    The problem is that WordPress declare a global variable called $user_email and in bbPress core file register.php they use the double-dollar notation (variable variables) that are evil. EVIL. So a $$key become a $user_email that is already defined and than not assigned and blah blah blah.

    Thank you very much for this plug-in. I got this same e-mail required error on new registrations and was stymied. I will install the plug in tomorrow and will report results. Zaerl: kudos to you for all the find contributions to bbpress.



    Zaerl: kudos to you for all the find contributions to bbpress.

    Thanks man. Maybe I’ll add this to the plugin section.

    Zaerl, thanks for that. Very handy little fix!

    I also just noticed, courtesy of Kevin’s post on the WP Forums, that users registering on the WordPress side aren’t being allocated a role in BBPress.

    Argh. Any ideas how to fix that one Zaerl?

    how to instal this plugin?



    Hi Zaerl,

    I just thought of telling you that your plugin wasn’t working for one of my clients. The plugin didn’t have any effect on the POST data and the email was filled in with and without your plugin.



    Hi Ash. I know it. My plugin doesn’t work in some cases. But I will not change anything cause my work will quickly become completely useless when bbPress will become a plugin.

    If you find the source of the problem feel free to fork it.

    I just made it work by editing the core file itself. We are not gonna have lots of upgrade anyway.

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