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  • lutechi


    I have been with bbPress before it was a plugin for WordPress and have to thank all for the efforts and congratulate how far it has gone.
    I decided to stick with bbPress after researching many other forums software because of how easy it was to integrate with WordPress.

    Since I had some time off from college for the summer I decided to make my own customized theme for the whole site based on what I had. After several days playing with the CSS and a few functions/filters the whole site finally came together.

    There is still a few things that I would like to implement, like posts count (which I did but it did not update the numbers, I have to manually repair the forums to keep them updated?) and being able to assign more title ranks (I was able to with Cubepoints but that project seems dead).

    Just have a peek at my forums and let me know what you guys think. 🙂

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