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WordPress posts as topics on forum

  • i want to integrate my wordpress with bbpress forum as when i write a post i automaticly add a topic on bbpress and comments are the same as posts (you see both comments and posts in both wordpress and bbpress)

    is it possible? does anyone know how to integrate bbpress in such way?


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  • i mean also categories from wordpress would be automaticly names of forums and there posts from appropriate category as topics.. hope u kno what i mean!



    Does this do what you’re looking for?

    looks good but i cant check it couse theres:

    Warning: getcwd() has been disabled for security reasons in [path]

    in admin, and cant migrate



    That’s a problem with your host; they’ve disabled a php function. If you can’t change hosts, you are going to have to look into how the plugin uses that function and find a replacement. Maybe it’s as simple as hard coding the current working directory.

    Taking a quick look through the plugin shows that the getcwd function is used only for an error message anyway. You can do without it and can just edit the file. The error message will not be as useful (since the error message uses getcwd) but you should be able to use it even if your host has getcwd() disabled.

    ok I changed the absolute path to bbPress but

    when i klick migrate it still doesnt copy old entries to my bbpress!


    i just want all old entries and comments in wordpress bein changed to topics on bbpress

    is it possible mate?

    Yes, there is a ‘migrate’ option in bbsync admin page. Maybe synchronisation is not working properly for you?

    I’m having trouble getting the integration to happen.

    The links on the blog link to the forum, but there’s no thread.

    Any ideas?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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