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WordPress posting messed up after install

  • Since I installed bbpress I’m having problems with posting in WordPress.

    I can post but afterwards am taken to a blank page. Eg instead of returning to /wp-admin/edit.php I’m taken to /wp-admin/post.php which is blank.

    Likewise when working with pages, instead of ending up at wp-admin/edit-pages.php I end up at wp-admin/page.php – also blank.

    I get other form errors when activating/deactivating plugins.

    Since the bbpress install I haven’t added any new plugins.

    BBpress seems to work fine.

    FYI: It’s in a subdirectory of my blog (/forums).

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  • BTW I don’t have the sitemap plugin which upon surfing around seems to cause the same problem.



    Did you modify the root .htaccess file that would apply to WordPress?

    Also, what at the other form errors you are getting when activating/deactivating plugins (and do you mean WordPress or bbPress plugins?)

    I haven’t changed the .htaccess file at the wp root.

    At the bbpress root the .htaccess file has one line:

    “Options +MultiViews”

    By plugins I mean wp plugins… basically any form action in wp admin ends at a blank page. The form action seems to be properly executed but then before returning to the right page, it stalls and I get a blank page. The name of that page depends on the form submitted.



    Did you accidentally upload the bbPress files to the WordPress directory, then change it to a subdirectory later? I can’t think of why WordPress would be messed up after installing bbPress into a subdirectory.

    What versions of WordPress and bbPress are you using?



    Sounds like the blank pages are a 500 Internal Server Error pages (maybe.) Do you have access to error logs to confirm if that’s the case and possibly see what the error is?

    I checked the logs and it indicated a problem with my wp theme functions.php.

    It’s bizarre because I didn’t touch that file and don’t know how it could have got borked as the date of the file on the server was the same as rest of the theme install which was weeks ago.

    Anyway, I uploaded a new version and I’m back in business. Perhaps the timing with the bbpress install was coincidental. Still… I’m perplexed.

    Thanks for the help :)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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