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WordPress MU Integration Not Working for Log In

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  • An update:

    I don’t think my integration in general is working too well, because my avatar from my own avatar plugin is not displaying my user’s av. Of course this could be my plugin, and perhaps I need to work on an integration for THAT, too – ha ha.

    But I’m really worried about my MU integration..

    Looking closer I think it is the plugin in the sense that the post doesn’t bring up WP-type post code, but BBPress and the plugin doesn’t have that written. It’d have been nice for it to be more integrated on its own. I read others use their plugins on the forum pages. Sigh.

    Another update:

    I just wrote an add-on to my WP plugin, and it works with BBPress. It relates to the post author, just like the WP plugin related to a post or comment author. It even uses IDs which turned out to be the same in both my installs. I have two users and they did migrate.

    Now why am I having the login problem?

    Anyone have a workaround?

    Here is my solution!

    Plugins for WordPress integration

    I hadn’t read that before since the title didn’t seem to suggest it was my problem. I went through all those steps, too. I need to skip down to the good stuff. Heh heh.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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