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WordPress + BuddyPress + bbPress (Integration)

  • Hello

    I wish I had on my site/blog WordPress both: a social network and a forum.

    <b>But what is the best option for integrating it with 100% quality?</b>

    What I tried:

    First installed BuddyPress and activate forum, then, within groups is possible to have discussion forums.

    But the problem is that when accessing list just the latest topics and the group they belong to.

    And I would need, beyond the scope of forum for each group, a global forum for the entire site, to divide the topics into categories (“forums” different).

    What suggestions?

    Should I install BuddyPress bbPress and WordPress as separate plugins? This does not affect integration?

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  • pimarts


    What I did at is install the bbPress & Buddypress plugins separately from each other. I’m not using the forums function of buddyPress and I’m re-directing the forum profiles to the BuddyPress profiles for instance.


    Thank you for the tip.

    I did exactly this (installed in separate plugins) and it worked fine.

    The only thing that is kept turned on the option to create forums in groups, since they are different subjects of the forum site.

    But both work very well (bbPress and BuddyPress).


    I have 2 sites that I installed on wordpress mu the buddypress plugin and activated bbpress within buddypress. It seemed like an easier implementation. See it here at

    Certainly kangenguru, integration is actually very simple.

    I remember 2 years ago as I suffered to do this on another site, they were separate systems. Now, as they are plugins, is extremely easy.

    Congratulations to all team WordPress.

    pimarts: I really need your help in understanding if there is a documentation on how you did it or if you could provide me more assistance directly, that would be great as well.

    kangenguru: When I did it using your technique, I had issues :( the BBPress plugin did not have the bb-config.php, so I used the bb-config that is within the buddypress. Hence, I couldnt get the bb-press 2.0 to work. But again when I did it with what is built into buddypress itself, all the files and folders showed up like they were missing.

    I am not saying that integrating buddyPress+BBPress is bad, but all I am saying is that I did not know how to work with this issue (could be the lack of knowledge). If anyone could help, that would be awesome.

    PS: please do not ask me to google for the documents… I have googled for the past 3 weeks and found several solutions and most of them did not work in my situation. So any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Not sure if you guys are still struggling, this far down the line. But in case you come back to the thread, we’ve created a video that will make it easy for you:





    i want to use bbpress for my new website : which powered by wordpress . thanks for ur useful informations .

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