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WordPress and bbPress Integration Errors

  • Hi. I have just set up a new WP / bbP website at and

    I have just done the Integration but its broke the login system, when I login to my BB site it NO LONGER classes me as an admin, so i cant edit anything anymore. And when i login into the WP site it just refreshes the login page and does not login to the Wp-admin.

    This has happened after changing those keys and stuff. I have had a look in the phpMyAdmin bit to see if i can fix the issues, BUT i cant find a table called bb_options like WP has? Where are the wordpress integration options for bbPress kept? and also how do I fix the problem I am having thanks.

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  • Okay I have managed to fix the problem by using phpmyadmin and removing the salt keys etc in bb_meta. but the integration is still not working any ideas?

    EDIT: I can’t login to WordPress at all now. It just reloads the login page after i submit it. Any ideas?

    Cookies and caches.

    Flush ’em all. Manually delete if you have to.

    Okay I’ve deleted everything in the cache/cookie and also all those salts in phpMyAdmin and NOW I can access both admin panels again.

    BUT I can’t get the integration working at all. As soon as I try to use the same salt on both it breaks them, making my admin account on bbPress just a plain member and preventing me from accessing the wp-admin panel altogether (NOTE: I dont mean unauthorized, I mean actually unable to login, it just refreshes).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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