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WordPress 2.7 options

  • richcon


    I’m setting up a new web site, which is running WordPress 2.7. (Older versions aren’t an option because keeping them up-to-date with security releases is much harder.) The site’s going to need a forum, and I would like to use bbPress if I can.

    Has anyone worked out the details in running WordPress 2.7 with the current stable release of bbPress 0.9.x? I know that seamless integration won’t be ready until 1.0 is ready, and if the developers say don’t use it yet, I won’t use it. :)

    But if I do try to go with the current bbPress, what are the gotchas? Is there any integration possible at all, or do I have to wall them off as completely separate products with separate logins? If my client wants integration now, do I have no choice but go with something else like SMF?

    There is one additional concern I have, though:

    I had integrated bbPress 0.9 with a WordPress 2.5 site about a year ago, and loved how well they fit together — you guys really did an awesome job. Then 2.6 came out, and the incredible delay in bb’s WordPress integration seriously burned us. The web site got hacked twice due to 2.5.x security flaws that seem to be fixed in 2.7, and in the end we finally had to bite the bullet, delete the forum (it wasn’t getting that much use anyway), and upgrade WordPress. While the purist in me would love to work with bbPress again once 1.0 is available, I can’t shake this suspicion that when some future version of WordPress comes out, those of us who are using bbPress would get burned again because the developers are simply more interested in an ambitious future release that’s more than a year out. While 1.0 looks like an incredible release, a point upgrade to address compatibility would have been a really, really nice thing.

    (Sorry if this sounds like a rant — I just would really like to trust this product again!)



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