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WooTheme's Sensei Integration

  • wancasil


    I’m interested in integrating bbPress to my WooTheme’s Sensei installation.
    Basically, I need every course to have it’s own and separated topic.
    To that topic all students enrolled to the course need to be assigned.
    Only students assigned to a topic may post within the topic and, ideally, with a limited number of postings.

    I could not find any help within Sensei or bbPress regarding the solution to my need.
    I believe it will be needed to develop some kind of integration layer for what I’m willing to pay for (as long as it is not a big amount of money).

    Please, would anyone help me find out a solution for my need?

    PS.: There are several others whith the same need who expressed interest in a similar solution within Sensei ideas page.
    Wander Silva

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