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Wiki Integration: WordPress & bbPress

  • Does WordPress or WordPress MU directly integrate with any Wiki engines?

    How about bbPress?

    I see that you guys use Trac, so I’m guessing that the answer currently is “no”, but just want to go to the source to be sure.


    “directly integrate” = e.g.:

    – share user database and authentication

    – share tags

    – have directly shareable presentation modules for CMS purposes (e.g., for nav blocks, ad blocks, footer blocks)

    – share a common design / performance philosophy &/or strategy.

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  • I don’t know about other wiki software, but I happen to know that the blicki plugin for WP is under active development.

    I couldn’t find a real webpage for it yet. Soon, I’m sure.



    Thats neat. Makes my eyes water with joy.

    Everything has been slowly gravitating toward WordPress on my site, i can’t wait until everything i need is right in that admin panel and I can kiss major PHP overhauls goodbye.



    Theere is this,

    it might be a little old, but I think it is relevant. MediaWiki / WP /bbPress

    Experimenting with AuthPress, but having some probs.

    Authentication seems to work fine, but users are unable to change and save their MediaWiki preferences. When users click “save” after changing a pref, some processing goes on but nothing gets saved. Any ideas?

    Running bbPress 0.73 and MediaWiki 1.68.

    If anyone gets anywhere with this it would be nice to see an implementation. I’m planning (currently working on) a wordpress/bbpress site that will probably need a wiki somewhere along the line.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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