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    WP 3.9.1
    bbPress 2.5.4-5380
    Suffusion Theme 4.4.7
    Child Theme

    Hello, I used the Recent Replies one until it broke my site—a long story, details if requested.

    Then I discovered that the Recent Topics plug-in can be used three ways with config options in the drop-down widget menu:

    Hottest Topics=Topics with Recent Replies
    Latest Topics=Newest Topics
    Popular Topics=Popular Topics (most visited? most discussed?)

    My only concern is that “Hottest Topics” lists brand-new topics with NO replies. Is there a way I can fix this?

    By the way, I have lots of private [unpublished] topics in progress, and they do not list in the sidebar.

    Many thanks for your help, Anna

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    I *need* a plug-in for my bbPress-driven forums site that lists/links topics with the most recent replies [Hottest Topics]. For this purpose, I have tried both the “Recent Replies” widget and the “Recent Topics” widget configured to display/link “Topics with Recent Replies” selected from the drop-down menu.

    First I tried the Recent Replies widget. It worked perfectly for several months, successfully weathering upgrades of both WordPress and bbPress to the latest versions. Suddenly [outta Nowhere!], it broke the visitor experience: Content of the main navigation sidebar following the first “hot topic” disappeared, and a second [variable] sidebar disappeared completely.

    Even worse, admin access to replies went nuts [more below]. When I disabled the “Recent Replies” plug-in, the problem disappeared instantly.

    Next I tried some “third-party” plug-ins that either didn’t work or required coding beyond my experience.

    Then I tried the Recent Topics widget configured to list only “topics with recent replies.” This solution worked [with reservations, more below] for several weeks until July 1. Just as suddenly, this choice created some of the same problems experienced with the “Recent Replies” widget.

    So I’m trying the Recent Replies widget again.

    When I use it now, the visitor front-end works as it should.
    However, admin access to replies has the same problems as before:

    The dashboard link to this function is

    When I click it, this is what I see:

    Note that the “Filter” button has disappeared. By selecting June 2014 and clicking the “Apply” button instead, I can view all replies PUBLISHED last month.

    What I CANNOT view:

    ALL replies regardless of publication date or status
    Complete lists of replies published in months before June 2014
    Private replies including my own input in progress

    In terms prioritizing visitor experience vs admin control, it seems safer to use the Recent Topics widget configured to list “Topics With Recent Replies” selected from the drop-down menu. My complaint with this option is that it lists/links to brand-new topics with NO responses.

    Is there a way to tweak either the Recent Replies or Recent Topics With Replies plug-ins to do the job?

    Many thanks for your help, Anna

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