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Why was the bbpress wikipedia page deleted?

  • eclipsenow


    Did something political happen? Why was the bbpress wiki deleted? That’s not fair! I use wikipedia all the time, and was hoping to get some user and community stats on bbpress. I’m thinking of converting, but am scared. ;-)

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  • You mean the wikipedia page?

    Says: Deleted because expired WP:PROD; Reason given: Fails WP:RS as sources are self published. Fails notability guidlines.

    Which is a fancy way of saying ‘Ain’t no one here heard of it, it ain’t big enough to care about yet.’ Also ‘Only people who word on BB posted about it.’



    It’s just wikipedia politics and someone wants to feel like they have power.

    I would guess once Matt starts promoting bbPress on you’ll see the page restored as bbPress becomes more famous.

    Fairly certain bbPress has over 10,000 users now and will do another survey in February – there are projects with far fewer users which still have a page on Wikipedia.



    How do you do that survey? Downloads does not mean users of course, so I’m just curious. I’d love to hear more about Matt’s cross-promotional work.



    :( I don’t want bbpress to get more famous honestly. I like the fact that this is a forum software that not a lot of people use, it makes my forum seem unique. But, oh well.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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