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Why do my permalinks look like this?

  • demonboy



    I’m running this locally and installed bbpress, buddypress and a number of bbpress-related plugins. I think this may have been the “bbPress Permalinks with ID” plugin that started the problem but now all my permalinks have gone funny. Here’s what I’ve tried to fix this:

    – flushed/changed the permalinks back and forth
    – deactivated all plugins
    – fresh WordPress install with new site, basic theme and no plugins

    Even after trying that third option, with a fresh WordPress install and a new database, my forums no longer worked. The root no longer works, even with a fresh install and no plugins bar the bbpress one.

    Any ideas?
    Is this a localhost thing? All the database entries are there (they fall within the wp_posts table).
    Is there a set procedure for installation, changing permalinks and activating the plugins?
    Have I done something the wrong way round?
    And why is this still happening with a fresh WordPress installation and new database?

    Short of uninstalling wamp and reinstalling I’m at a loss.

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  • Robkk


    I cannot reproduce on my wampserver with the permalinks with ID plugin so it is not that.

    I did find information about this though, the #038; should be &which makes sense.

    If you search for this kind of error in google, you will see countless posts of themes, plugins, and WordPress itself having the issue, So maybe make sure you have everything up to date.

    There are some fixes online too, but they are mostly saying edit WordPress core files to fix it



    Odd. Well, I now have my site up live and am no longer working on localhost so I’m starting afresh. Thanks for your time.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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