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Where to buy bbPress theme when used as a WordPress Plugin?

  • POS2012


    I have installed bbPress today and been looking around in the files, and have started to get a grip on the theme and how it works.

    But I am no designer, and I would like to buy a theme that is either exact alike – or close to – what I would like to get.

    I do like the simplicity / setup of the theme used here in – but would like have a little more icons etc.

    Do you know any place where I can buy theme(s) for bbPress when using it as a WP-plugin?

    I mean themes placed here:


    Thank you :-)

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  • OC2PS


    Check out free ones here:

    You’ll have to search for paid themes on Google.

    But really, almost any WordPress theme should work with bbPress



    Yes, I understand that the surrounding layout (WP theme) can be changed, but I would like a forum set up that is more like this one.

    So I am more thinking of the setup of the forum that is “rendered” inside the WP layout’s page.php.

    @POS2012 using standalone cms version which is much better and more comprehensive then current bbPress plugin.

    I can design a custom bbPress theme like layout for you.

    Contact me via


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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