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What is the best importer that goes best for importing to bbPress ? (overall)

  • mpesgt01


    I have tried importing my phpBB3 forum to bbPress, doesn’t work well. So far I have lost a week on this 🙁 I really want to use bbPress, and really want to keep my previous forum content. I’ve notice you have 14 importers so far…

    So I want to know if there is another road I can take.
    – first ; what importers goes very very well ?
    – second ; i might then try importing phpBB3 > to that importer/forum XYZ > then import this new file into bbPress

    ( As a fake example, the answer could be this ; from my Phpbb3 > into temporary Vanilla > then into Bbpress )

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  • ruralinfo


    Not sure if you are interested, but I just had Gconverter convert my Nabble forum that had posts going back to 2008. They migrated over 2000 users, over 8000 posts and over 71k replies for me for a reasonable price. Saved myself a huge headache in trying to migrate that much data.. So glad I found someone to do it.

    They did an excellent job – and no I do not work for them 😉

    The top two importers included with bbPress are phpBB and SMF, primarily because these are the two most popular importers and where most feature requests come from.

    I’d love to know some detailed information on what/why/where you think the phpBB import is broken and/or why you don’t think it works so well.

    I haven’t seen any reports for quite a while on issues with the phpBB importer.



    Stephen, I too am getting errors while trying to import my phpbb forum into bbpress. I updated phpbb this morning to most recent version, no mods (v. 3.1.2). I just installed bbpress today in my WordPress site.

    When I use the import tab under Tools > Forums, I enter my info, and here’s what I get:

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘forums.forum_topics’ in ‘field list’]
    SELECT convert(forums.forum_id USING “utf8”) AS forum_id,convert(forums.parent_id USING “utf8”) AS parent_id,convert(forums.forum_topics USING “utf8”) AS forum_topics,convert(forums.forum_posts USING “utf8”) AS forum_posts,convert(forums.forum_topics_real USING “utf8”) AS forum_topics_real,convert(forums.forum_name USING “utf8”) AS forum_name,convert(forums.forum_desc USING “utf8”) AS forum_desc,convert(forums.left_id USING “utf8”) AS left_id,convert(forums.forum_type USING “utf8”) AS forum_type,convert(forums.forum_status USING “utf8”) AS forum_status FROM phpbb_forums AS forums LIMIT 0, 100

    Please help, thanks!

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